Max Rockatansky encountered many foes: our anti-hero lived experiencing many tragic life and death adventures while a patroller and later as a warrior in the Wasteland.

Who are these enemies?


Name: The Toecutter
Classification: Guru and modern-day violence prophet.
Special Abilities: While a very persuasive leader, Toecutter strengthened loyalty among his band of rowdies by displaying heroic feats of unbelievable action.
Weapons: Knife.

Note: His predecessor was the infamous Nightrider... a leader of the satellite group called the Zed Runners (a.k.a Z-Runners or Zero Runners).
Toecutter ultimately died during a fatal escape run from the Black on Black Pursuit Special Interceptor V-8.


Name: Bubba Zanetti
Classification: Information specialist; Scoot Jockey.
Special Abilities: Bubba Zanetti's top skill was sharp shooting. While in military service, he won several medals in shooting accuracy for successful extreme distance shots.

Note: Procurement of vital information was Zanetti's primary value. He was particularly good at designing tactical raids. His military attack training served the Zed Runners well.


Name: The Nightrider
Real Name: Montazano.
Classification: Leader of the Zed Runners; Glory Roader.
Special Abilities: He was among the best drivers of all gangers.

Note: Once arrested for "simple assault on a female", a charge brought by his then girlfriend, Nightrider seizes an opportunity to escape from police custody. The escape attempt quickly escalated to a frantic bloodbath leaving a Bronze officer dead and others seriously or mortally wounded. Ironically his estranged girlfriend actually aided his "Big Run".

Name: The Humungus
Classification: Lord of the Wasteland; leader of the Marauders.
Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum - Model 29 - Telescopic sight.
Special Abilities: A true dominant, he was an accomplished grappler/wrestler in the old Greco-Roman style and schooled in the arts of war. His barbaric antics and ruthless brutality were legendary. Intimidation, fear and strategic battle planning were his greatest allies.
Main Junkmobile: Grand Prowler.

Note: At first, he was the historical leader of the Smegma Crazies, a rag-tag gang of former socially ambiguous military officers who were turned into thugs by the "rat circus" of trying to survive in a desperate world. Any and every sort of battle gear was devised to festoon their ranks and to instill fear, especially scary or grotesque masks. Just as Blackbeard did in 1752, some Smegma Crazies would wrap prima-cord in their clothing. Before a battle or attack the Crazies would light the sparking strings to ensure fear in victims when they saw their attackers emblazed in smoking, fiery halos while hunting in Dune Buggies and seminal Junkmobiles like a Ford 351 double engined custom vehicle (Lone Wolf Mark I).
No one knows Humungus' real origin or identity.
Perhaps he was an Army high official, due to his military techniques and equipment. The hockeymask covered a burnt, maybe irradiated face, that was the result of a whirlpool of chaos and flames during the Pox-Eclipse. 
The Humungus died in 2003 as a result of a terrible head-on collision with Behemoth (the Mack tanker truck complete with "cow catcher") driven by Mad Max. 

Name: Mighty Wez
Real Name: Unknown
Classification: Full-time Marauder in the Mohawker gang. He was right hand to Humungus. Wez pratically resulted as the best roaming barbarian on the face of the new world.
Special Abilities: Agility; strength; physical resistance; fearlessness.
Weapons: Metal crossbow gauntlet; flail.

Note: The Mohawkers were savage raiders who roamed out into the Wasteland driving highly equipped Kawasaki motorcycles. Mighty Wez piloted the most powerful bike in this desolate land, a Kawasaki Z-1 1000 with scavenged parts from an 1100cc Suzuki Katana.
These ruthless pillagers saw their heyday in the early years of the new century. Basically, they were former Armalite Gangsters who bastardized many culture's rituals by emulating any remembered fierce clans from the American Indian to Roman Centurions.
These rogue bands were armored man-o-wars. The Mohawkers found lethal weapons in metal wrist crossbows, rifle-style crossbows and even garden tools fashioned into hand combat gloves.
In late 2002, Wez's acolytes found their greatest strength by banding with The Humungus. Mighty Wez became eventually his deadliest henchman.
Ironically, the barbarian died in the same accident that killed the Fuhrer of the Wasteland.

Name: Dogs Of War
Classification: Marauders (Composite gang of equipped roamers who were ready to kill when searching for supplies).

Note: In 1999-2002 those gangs were working against one another. The Road Wars in that short misjointment period were truly the cruellest ever seen. The creature known as The Humungus entered from nowhere. His mystique aura and bloody body count guaranteed his legendary stature among the Marauders. 
The Fuhrer of the Wasteland developed his agenda of gang assimilation out of need to give birth to one huge trooper legion to roam the vast regions. He combined the best out of three predator bands: the Smegma Crazies; the Mohawkers and the Gayboy Berserkers. Many refugees from other minor gangs also joined this agenda out of fear, such as the infamous Pink Warrior driving a 1959 Desoto. The Skinheads used to drive souped up battle vehicles like a 1970's F100 truck with boat windshield and an impressive dart gun (Raptus Fang).
Lord Humungus commanded the Dogs Of War with an iron fist. He was crowned with the honorary title "Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rollers". His exploits definitely turned the Wasteland into a bloody landscape... until 2003. 
After the dictator's reign collapsed, a small portion turned into Aunty's Lieutenant Generals.

Junkmobiles: Grand Prowler; Scalphunters (the dune buggies); Tarantula; Wicked Weasel; Lone Wolf Mark I.

Name: Aunty Entity
Real name: Unknown
Classification: Desert amazon and barbarian queen.
Special Abilities: Persuasion, political prowess... and much more.
Weapons: Crossbow Pistol.
Main Junkmobile: Queen Wasp.

Note: She's not a malicious person, but she is very capable of savage acts to achieve her goals. Though not a "bad guy", she's not a "good guy" either. She's Aunty Entity!
Before wartime, she was an aspirant singer and actress from the United States. Trapped in Australia at the beginning of the definitive Oil War, she saw society collapse. After the ground-breaking nuclear attack to Sydney in mid 2000, she joined a small gang of Marauders out of the need to simply survive. Her gang was basically an outstanding cell who refused to join Humungus's "agenda of gang assimilation". This way, they escaped the Ayatollah's infamous backlash of revenge. Of course, her political savvy and misfit behaviour allowed her to soon become the gang leader, and thus, Danger Johanna was born. After Humungus' death in 2003, Johanna realized the futility to destroy everything encountered when nothing is regenerated. Time progressed and by the end of periodic nuclear winter in early-2004, she reunited her loyal Marauders and planned to build the one and only large-sized human settlement in the midst of the Wasteland, a gargantuan home for the LIVING (every man, woman or child left alive since the Oil War Apocalypse's ending). She gave life to a microscopical empire, cradle of the brand-new grubby civilization: BARTERTOWN  (Click on)


Name: Ironbar Bassey
Real name: Unknown
Classification: The Prime Sentinel; Aunty Entity's right hand man; killer and bounty hunter; Underworld's new sovereignty (after the demise of Master-Blaster). 
Special Abilities: Wildness, quickness, strength, physical resistance and extreme temperature endurance.
Weapons: Slip-knot whip; metal crossbow; machete; Imperial Musket; metal-strengthened right boot.
Main Junkmobile: Big Foot.

Note: Ironbar was noted to constantly wear a mysterious Japanese mask suspended from a pole attached upon his back. He actually believed an ancient prophecy that told of a warrior who was "looked on" by his mother's own Geisha mask, would never die in battle, but live forever. Therefore he fashioned a pole to hold the Totem high above his head. Ironbar believed he was immortal as long as his "woman" would look upon him, he fiercely trust in his own mystical ability and therefore was totally fearless of any man or beast.
Constant battles saw Ironbar as bloody conqueror. Soon, even sceptics began to believe the Totem's protective power over Ironbar. Foes learned... he's unbreakable !!!

Bassey died in a terrible confrontation with Mad Max. As Ironbar's tenacity awarded him access to the Big Foot vehicle, this truck on rails hit Powderbeast in a head-on collision that splattered into thousands of bits.

Name: Master-Blaster
Classification: Despot and "King Arab".
Special Abilities: Two men form a single unit.

Master (aka the Little Man): Pituitary retardation caused growth deformation to the body limiting physical size, but allowed great mental intelligence.
Real Name: Elvis Ford.
Age: 66 (in 2018).
Height: 35 inches.
Main Junkmobile: Lead Prometheus (a.k.a "the Orient Express"). For a very short period of time: Powderbeast.

Blaster: The Ball Cracker. Death on foot. The strongest fighter who ever lived in the Wasteland. He's a real juggernaut: aggressive, quick, tough and heavy. No one never knew who was lurking behind the dark helmet...

Note: Master-Blaster was founder and ruler of Underworld, core of Bartertown's energetic and economical regime. Despite Blaster's power, Mad Max discovered his Achilles' heal, high-pitched whistles or hoots. He used this to defeat Blaster in Thunderdome. The hulk was ultimately killed by Ironbar Bassey's crossbow arrow, as he lay defeated by Max. Later, the Little Man became engeneering mentor of Savannah's new civilization, Home.



Name: Imperial Guards

Average Age: 29-32 (approx.)

Classification: Bartertown Police Corps and Death Squad; Entity's own bodyguards.

Special Abilities: Imperial Guards are not able to compete with highly skilled-fighters such as Mad Max or Ironbar Bassey (The Prime Sentinel).  They are  most comparable to Japanese pilots known as Kamikazes. Each was trained and focused to perform one function at a time. Daily, Imperial Guards ensure Bartertown’s order, and when needed, pursue targets/criminals with high-speed methane-powered Junkmobiles. They're wild, brutal, enduring, pestering and omnipresent like cockroaches.

Hierarchy: To obtain the maximum amount of results in a lesser time, every neophyte was trained to perform one specific function that created a whole package of characters for each "typology" of Imperial Guard and a substantial differentation of the branches in the new-borning corps.
The Tigers are the ones conditioned to brutal face-to-face fights, physical assault and massive firepower. Usually, their weapons are the Mohawker-reminiscent crossbow gauntlets, sophisticated, but hand-friendly machine guns and, above all, the well-famed Imperial Muskets. Activity: Entity's bodyguard; public death executions; enforcement; order ensure.
The Hawks are the sentries once trained to a greater self-defence and abnormal eying/sensorial capacity. Their faces are generally covered under heavy metal helmets to prevent eyes from dust or any possible facial damage. Hawks use to brandish the flanged maces which they are known for. Activity: supplies/condamned/prisoners military escort; perimetrical watching; enforcement; order ensure.
The Lynxes are basically the pilots of the high speed methane-powered Junkmobiles: reconnoitrers, scavengers and hunters at the same time. They are quite low quality skilled and very raw approach-oriented fighters, despite having full access to every Guard's regular accessory (from the helmets to the armours) and get strong physical training in order to "shape" their resistance in the proper way. Their driving faculties had been pushed to the limits, and that really made them even better than the late Marauders who inhabited the Wasteland in the Pre-Bartertown era. Activity: food/water/materials research; pursuit of targets/criminals, when needed; reconnaissance.
The Ants are special technicians or simply strenghty workers. They are not allowed to exhibit the Guard's armour, and neither are trained to be fighters. With the only exception of Blackfinger, Entity's chief mechanic, whose natural fight/self-defence/shooting skills have been slightly enhanced through a particular training led by Ironbar Bassey him self.

Weapons: Flanged maces; Imperial Muskets; Imperial Targes; metal wrist crossbows.

Junkmobiles: Queen Wasp; Big Foot; Jackal; West Fantom (a.k.a the Moo Car); Turbo Termite; Hot Scarab; Saint Stinger; Glory Hammer; Clod Viper; Night Bruiser; Powderbeast; Rough Mastiff; Devil Dingo (Lone Wolf Mark II).

History: The majority of Imperial Guards were probably 9-12 years old during the Oil War Apocalypse of 1998-2000.  Scavenging and looting, these teens scratched out survival by rioting cities or by equipped communities placed in the midst of the Wasteland.
In 2004, when the gasoline-dependent Marauders era ended, Bartertown began a long build-up under the direction of a woman known as Danger Johanna. Depletion of fuel and dwindling victim lists made Johanna’s theory of "rebuild" seem the most likely to succeed. Rational thought prevailed. Only the most hardened criminals failed to see the futility in destroying more than was regenerated. Using their capacities, skilled Dogs of War, low profile Marauders and capable surviving civilians (who left the destroyed Australian cities during the last period of recorded time) banded together under Johanna's direction: they were the Living.

She labeled her loyalists Lieutenant Generals.  These soldiers recruited others as well.  Preteen boys to fully developed men in their early twenties began to follow Aunty’s Lt. General’s as role models. These poorly educated young minds soaked up Entity’s propaganda with zeal. 
 As they developed unto useful units, some boys became Guards. Despite limited viability and lack of learning, every Imperial Guard knew they may have to sacrifice their own life for the good of this re-born society.

Bartertown’s people believed in her dream.

Guardsmen helped to make it reality.  


Written by TIZIANO CALIENDO (Uncle Entity) and supervised by RANDALL NEWTON (Anklecranker); Based upon Tiziano Caliendo's theories.

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