“…on the roads it was a white line nightmare. Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive. The gangs took over the highways, ready to wage war for a tank of juice. And in this maelstrom of decay, ordinary men were battered and smashed…”



In early 1985 the Transcontinental One, the first of the superhighways linking the consumer dependant West Coast to the industrially centered eastern shore, begins to increase in risk to both cargo and travellers. Estabilished in 1982 (the “ Golden Year “) this system of high-speed interstate was envisioned to be equal with Germany’s Autobahn. The primary purpose was to strengthen the sagging economy by linking the two coasts with necessary exchanges of resources. In 1988, the "Armalite Gangs " begin targeting road trains loaded with consumer cargo and especially petroleum products. The Armalite’s effectiveness begins to increase to the point that two out of every five road trains become lost to these "road pirates". The All-National Retail Corporation, hoping to curtail profit losses, quickly declares the TransCon off limits to cargo. Most other retail companies follow their lead in discontinuing retail shipments across the Outback.

In mid 1989, during an emergency session of the Australian Central Bureaucracy the Main Force Patrol was once again saddled with solving the problems created by the Armalites. MFP became very accustomed to eliminating gangs, but the Armalites were a very different breed. Centrally organized, increasingly brutal, and most importantly very mobile, Armalites were successful in feeding the black market with goods in exchange for profitable items such as petrol. The Armalites were rumored to be directed by The Grinder. A fierce, beastly man who increased his legend by brutal acts to feed fears of men. He knew fear was a useful ally. Rarely seen, Grinder was said to have lit smoking fuses entangled in his beard while producing a horrid circus of pain after a raid. All, who encountered him, knew Satan reserved a special boiling pot in hell just for him.

MFP was slow to launch a systematic counter-offensive early on, but did crescendo with a vengeance by methodically eliminating Armalite gang after gang. Problems did begin to occur in the steady pace of reducing the number of gangs. The remaining derelicts gained strength mostly by increasing their mobility. Numbers of deaths began to increase on so many sections of the TransCon that Prohibited Areas were beginning to be well marked by signs indicating annual fatality totals. However mobility was the key to winning this war. However the MFP was increasingly bound by bureaucratic restrictions imposed by the newly formed
Office of the People’s Observer . This noble effort to protect the population’s human rights, began to clash with the MFP’s duty to restore peace and prosperous civilization. To complicate the matter even further State Law took precedence over Federal Law in many cases. This again caused the Armalites to use the law to their own advantage.

Their strategy was to pillage in one state then retreat to another, knowing conflicting state laws protected them from harassment from MFP. The directors of the old MFP were demoted as the bureaucracy’s way to re-energize the goal of destroying the Armalite gangs, but this backfired causing widespread dissent within the police force. The original leaders of MFP knew the secret to stopping the gangs was held in mobility.

"He who is more mobile wins." Shouted an old MFP director to the newly throned bureaucrats.

In 1990, with bureaucratic approval these "second string" leaders began building a new elite force called the "Breaker Squad". Each MFP officer was chosen for the Breaker Squad due to exhibiting some sort of rare skill or achievement that made him stand above others. Most new members of the Breakers had numerous kills to their credit during the late 1980’s, but all had one thing in common, valor. These were men with families who had little hope of a peaceful future in the ‘90’s. Knowing the situation had to be rectified fast, or all hope was lost, each man was ready to die to restore civilization for the future. Working under secrecy from the top directors of even MFP, training commenced in early 1991. Because gangs were now mobile, the Breaker Squad’s driving skills were practiced until their complete synchronization was equal to a precision drill team. This was a dangerous game of split second timing, where the uninitiated quickly became road kill. Battle tactics came in two forms. The first was "Seek, Flush, and Destroy the Enemy". Second was "Divide, Conquer, and then, Destroy". Second string MFP leaders were calling the day to day shots anyway. These were men knew war was being waged and were not afraid to fight.

"Let bureaucrats shine seats with their asses,

we will conquer hell. For the world WILL survive!"

declared one Squad leader.

These leaders knew to win was to "crush" enemies. 1992 saw the first of many waves of defeated Armalites. The unwritten rule of law for the Breaker Squad became "As long as the paperwork is clean you boys can do what you like out there! " "Seek, Flush, and Destroy" was the most successful method of dealing with these marauders. After a raid was identified the MFP Breaker Squad would blast to the scene with sirens to warn of impending doom to Armalites. One rogue Breaker Squad officer named Danko fashioned his CD player to work with his public address system. His battle cry became AC/DC’s "Highway to Hell". This was very effective at getting the offenders away from the victims quickly. It also set the stage for a battle to the death played on roads outside the watchful eye of the "Office of the People’s Observer" Battle after battle was fought until soon the Breaker Squad began gaining ground. In 1993 More and more Armalites fell prey to the now mighty Breaker Squad.

In late 1994 the tides turned, but The Grinder would not stand defeated for long. He withheld petroleum for several weeks until his followers would have cut off their own unneeded appendages to trade for fuel. The Grinder’s plan was to make all Armalites focus on his goal of breaking the Breaker Squad. Grinder set a bounty of 100 litres of petrol for each MFP officer returned to him dead, and 500 litres for live captives. This began an escalation of unimaginable proportions. These desperate demons became bold enough to begin targeting satellite MFP stations along the TransCon. As members of the MFP disappeared the remaining satellite headquarters were abandoned for a period after a savage looting raids that began the following year. The Breaker Squad’s only safe haven was at The Lair. MFP’s chief mechanic, Smitty, was "Beethoven with a torque wrench." His compound was on a secluded portion within the Lair’s original perimeter.

Retention of MFP officers became a top priority for the directors. Some officers took "
A stroll down washout lane" meaning they chose to leave MFP The directors began using all manners of enticements to keep attrition to a minimum. One effective tool was to improve living accommodations for MFP families. Years before, hundred of civilians – many of them trying to escape the Big Rains (the farmers also needed a new occupation) - had migrated toward Perth or Eastern coastal cities...This left hundreds of homesteads in abandon. A portion of sectors had been abandoned not because of acid rains but due to only fear for looting and raids.

One non-toxic level four vacated area was originally home to elite members of the Australian government. The plantation style homes were very attractive booty of war to members of the Breaker Squad. Most had moved their family to this tight knit new community and lived in homes that far exceeded their original standard of living.

In 1995, after many incidents of "breaking" Armalite gangs, the MFP officers began to be out powered when in pursuit. Plan B was devised; first an Interceptor would support the normal squad of three Pursuit cruisers. Where “ Pursuit “ cars did battle armed with 302V8’s, the Interceptors launched with 351 V8’s. These newly crowned Interceptors were based on the original Pursuit cars but included the larger, more powerful V8s plus many high performance extras which increased power to almost 400kw. The Lair’s mechanics were very resourceful at getting "
A piece for here, and a piece from there." Interceptors were the first to receive a polymer xynite clearcoat. As the wet season progressed, most MFP vehicles were beginning to show deterioration from acid rain. P.A.S.M quickly responded with a clearcoat designed to neutralize the acid. This clearcoat, applied like paint was soon covering most anything near the Lair.

The last line of defense for population as always, were motorcycle equipped officers known as “ Stingers “. Pursuit cars normally "flushed" the gangs from the victims or carnage, while the Interceptor waited within radio distance to effectively ambush the fleeing offenders. In rare cases where the Interceptor and gangers headed to the population, the Stinger would help provide the fatal blow to the damned "Glory Roaders". Stingers were especially effective in protecting cities and towns. The Stinger’s urban agility was second to none, plus the quick acceleration of a big Kawasaki 1000 proved to be no match for any foe.

After more than a year of systematically reducing the Grinder’s death grip on petrol transport, the Breaker Squad began to feel the toll. As more and more officers simply disappeared or were heard being consumed by the Grinders deadly wrath, MFP forces began to dwindle. Grinder was a master of evoking fear. His torturous treatment of captured MFP officers, was regularly broadcast on police channels. Meant to demoralize, these telecast sounds of pain only galvanized the remaining force to "Conquer or die" Even Samurai warriors would have been no match for MFP "Breakers", One remarked:

"When you hear enough friends getting killed,

suddenly you realize ’ conquer and

destroy’ is the only solution. I say kill’em. Kill’em all!"

One final piece of the puzzle remained. How could MFP regain superiority in mobility? The gangs were getting faster and faster, fueled by methane, high-octane petrol, and a demon for a mechanic. Smitty was very smart. Several of his speed tricks worked flawlessly. The 351V8 XA sedan with dual carbs produced enough torque to reach speeds in excess of 105kph. The Stingers fleet of Kawasaki 1000's needed few adjustments for top end, but old Smitty knew how to get every last millisecond of speed from these reliable iron horses. The Interceptors were the testing mules however. Several were equipped with under-drive pulleys, fuel injection, high energy ignition, super high gears, improved suspensions and most drank methane as fuel from the asphalt gods. Parts began to flow as many civilians provided them as assistance to help the "war effort". Smitty’s tinkering would not subside. Daily, he created new and more powerful engines from what a novice would call junk parts. Reliability was his first concern, and power his second. He knew stranded MFP vehicles didn’t last for long. His highest creation to this point was an XB sedan with 351 V8, but with TWO transmissions. The stock "four speed" was linked by a short drive shaft to a second three speed automatic that bolted directly to the rear differential. For top end this Interceptor had no equal on the planet. When acceleration began the automatic would spool through the normal three gears to a comfortable 60kph, and then the four speed could work its magic by compounding the affect of the automatic. Smitty’s genius was in the automatic’s torque converter that could be locked to allow shifting of the manual four speed. Top speed was limited only by adhesion to the terrain and raw, white knuckled guts of the driver. Countless gangers fell victim to the one/two punch of this double tranny Interceptor.  

Armalites had long since slaughtered most cattle, so beef was a rarity. MFP directors knew what keep warriors alive and fit. A small cattle ranch developed within the Lairs perimeter to feed beef hungry officers. As one MFP director quaintly put it "
Feed your dog well and he won’t leave home" Simple, but effective, this became the attitude allowing the remaining officer’s loyalty to increase ten-fold. As black market goods were confiscated, MFP officers were allowed first choice of what had been taken. This kept officers families satisfied. However, new and ever increasing appetites for "booty of war" began to cause greed among some officers. Many began to feel as dirty and responsible for society’s decay as the Armalites.

It’s that rat circus, I’m beginning to enjoy it!" quipped one honest member of the Breaker Squad. True, the line between good guy and bad was blurred. The second string directors knew this was inevitable. In consoling one officer, a director said "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you is good. The difference between us and them is we know when to stop." Profound words…



Written BY RANDY NEWTON (ANKLECRANKER) & TIZIANO CALIENDO (UNCLE ENTITY); based upon Tiziano Caliendo’s theories.


2001-2004 C.I.T.N.