“ My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember a group of valiant heroes. The tribe we called ‘Main Force Patrol‘ … “

Main Force Patrol Police

The Main Force Patrol was formed as a special task unit to support the ordinary police. These so-called "Patrollers" were intensely trained by official Army Corps from the Australian government. The training center, developed within a large perimeter, was a secluded maximum-security headquarters that later became known as THE LAIR .

In this impregnable citadel (located in a Prohibited area in southeastern Australia somewhere near Victoria, sector 23-A) the extensive "Boot Camp" type training consisted of eight months. State recruiting, which began just three weeks before an annual training cycle, hoped to find and recruit the top 115 performers from regular police ranks. These men came from virtually all points in the country’s scattered principal regions. After careful consideration, and many weeks of evaluation, the original recruits were paired down to just 64 anointed "Patrollers".

These aspiring Patrollers were taught hand to hand combat, guerrilla fighting techniques, and proper use of an extensive weapons arsenal. Standard issue "12 gauge" Remington automatic shotguns, Bowie knives of every size and shape, plus Winchester rifles were used to teach pre-planned battle offense and defense tactics. A portion of Patrollers was ultimately assigned to the "Raider Squad" (an M.F.P specialist branch useful in repelling rogue urban guerrilla actions). The final class of graduating recruits had ultimately passed stringent psychological and rigorous physical tests every three weeks while in training.

The M.F.P was commissioned by the members of the Central Bureaucracy (during the historic "Great Session" held on March 23, 1984) and began active duty in the beginning of the following year. This delay was principally due to financial negotiations with Japan. In fact, Australia had been a virtual Japanese protectorate since 1982 (better known as the popular "Golden Year of the Australian Economy"). After construction finished in October 1985, "The Lair" produced the first new generation of "Patrollers" in late 1986.

The next year, coastal regions and their farmlands were still enduring the infamous global, ecological disaster known as "The Big Rains" (hard and acid rains). Main Force directing officers and their support staff of Australia’s remaining ecological scientists, developed a successful defense plan designed to protect the Lair and its huge perimeter from the increasing influx of the Big Rains. Later, these scientists stationed at the Lair developed into an ecological consulting group which quickly became the newly formed federal investigation bureau (P.A.S.M = Prohibited Areas Scientific Management).

The Lair’s first graduating recruits, just as when the Main Force Patrol was formed, adopted their infamous black leather uniforms. The same menacing suits designed by original factions of Australian politics.

While M.F.P remained a federal department, many public informers denied its legitimacy. Anyway, M.F.P’s major enemy was the fragmentation of its patrol force. In an attempt to operate in more regional sectors, directors began this dividing technique which proved useless in eradicating neo-criminal squadrons. These unorganized criminal groups soon turned into roaming motorized bands.

In 1988 the "Armalite Gang" phenomenon reached high proportions. Many young criminals totally dedicated their lives to the "cult" of ultra-violence, organized theft, super-drugs, wholesale rape and homosexuality. Their common desire to loot and destroy ultimately formed the gangs. In following years, the Prohibited areas become fertile territories of lawlessness. The Armalite Gangs were successful in looting, and ultimately conquering small, occupied villages and abandoned cities.

In early 1990, the M.F.P directors announced an ambitious plan to focus one mobile group of Patrollers for the ultimate duty. To hunt and "break" all Armalite Gangs. Given the specific task of protecting the TransCon highway, the "BREAKER SQUADS" were born. In August 1990, the construction of powerful "Pursuit" and “Interceptor” vehicles began. These "Death to Vermin" mobiles were created to eradicate the plague of the Armalite Gangs.

March 1991: It came time for the Breaker Squads to begin the protection of all Transcon Highways. This was the only hope to restore peace to civilization.

Later, at the end 1992 the P.A.S.M bureau officially declared the Lair zone as a level three-Prohibited Area. The Patrollers were present during the agricultural annihilation of the whole territory, while vast amounts of vegetation simply dried up as a result of the acid rains. However, some people believed the real reason was thermo-nuclear radioactive emissions. From a scientific viewpoint, sector 23-A was proven to be non-hazardous. As a result M.F.P. didn’t move the Lair as once rumoured…

Written BY RANDY NEWTON (ANKLECRANKER) & TIZIANO CALIENDO (UNCLE ENTITY); based upon Tiziano Caliendo’s theories.


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