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The site has been created to celebrate one of the greatest movies ever:

Third one in the popular series of Australian action/adventure movies, this absolute masterpiece defined the post-apocalyptic genre, established Mad Max's status quo as definitive icon in movie history and helped actor Mel Gibson and singer Tina Turner to become the larger-than-life superstars we know today.

The Mad Max Trilogy is a cinematic experience of rare beauty, the most compelling saga ever been. Together the three cult classics portray the endless journey of warrior/wanderer Max Rockatansky throughout the vast lands of Australia, after the World War III holocaust known as "Pox-Eclipse".

He's still out of there, in search of his destiny...

Thunderdome Thugs

"MAD MAX" is a trademark and copyright of Kennedy-Miller Entertainment/WARNER BROS. These pages are for fan enjoyment and are not intended to infringe upon the rights of WARNER BROS. The characters & stories discussed were made by GEORGE MILLER, BYRON KENNEDY and TERRY HAYES (Kennedy Miller Entertainment/ WARNER BROS.) who hold copyrights to the Mad Max Trilogy. This site is unofficial; it's just our shrine to the world's most popular cult hero.

In memory of Byron Kennedy, Angelo Rossitto, Frank Thring, Max Phipps and Arkie Whiteley...
We'll keep the dream alive for you!!!

The Road Warrior
Goodbye, soldiers...