by Collin Clifford

I bet he remembered the sky
The very day it died.
Like we remember the sun
It was our only one.

I remember the earth,
The hills and the curves.
I remember the green,
As far as the eye could see.

Do you remember your life?
When the countryside thrived.
When the world still grew
And the birds still flew.

Lovers killed.
Blood spilled.

There he sits,
Above it all,
Watching death;
Waiting for his number to be called

Do you remember the death?
And regret the day they met.
Do you remember the shock?
The dispersion of the flock.

Well, I remember those days
And regret their dreadful ways.
I remember the split
And how the world went to shit.

I remember that man
And I defended his plan
He tried to make it all end
But instead it did away with him