WARNING: FOR ADULTS and MATURE READERS ONLY. This erotic Mad Max story(!) contains explicit language, sexual imagery (close to, if not actual, pornography at times) and violent scenes which may be considered offensive to those that take fiction as reality. She, the author, in no way intends any offense to anyone. I decline responsibilities. I liked the tale, it fits very well in the Mad Max Universe, so I chose to issue it. End of story.


A Mad Max story written by M.G. (a.k.a "Max")

Chapter 1

Max comes across a lone beautiful woman in the distance fighting a gang of savages in the midst of the Wasteland, their world. He knows there is no way he can help against that many. She fights valiantly killing some, but they overcome her, rape her, and leave her for dead.

He gently carries her back to his brand new methane-powered vehicle. She gains consciousness just long enough to deck him once thinking he's a savage too. His body stumbles from the unexpected blow, but doesn't drop her, and she passes out again.

During the night she wakes up, surprised to be alive and in the back of a vehicle alone while a man sleeps in the front. She tries to "half-heartedly" kill him as he sleeps, loses her nerve and runs into the night. He decides to give chase without really knowing why.

He tackles her to the ground. Kicking, screaming, fighting ensues, but he is able to knock her out eventually due to her weakened condition. Then angrily carries her back to his vehicle over his shoulder and handcuffs her inside. 

He wakes up to find her legs wrapped around his neck trying to strangle him. Wearily disentangles himself and gruffly offers her some precious water. She is shocked to say the least.

A small but well-armed gang approaches the vehicle. He quickly unlocks the handcuffs so she can die fighting. She immediately grabs one of his guns and they manage to kill them all. 

A wary truce is set now and they continue to drive but barely speak. Neither trusts the other. She is convinced he will turn on her like all men do in the Wasteland. But he shares what little food and water he has that day and asks for nothing in return. His face and voice void of emotion.

Night comes very cold. He only has one blanket. Throws it to her with a grunt while he settles on the front seat and her in the back. She hears him shivering for hours. 

Against her better judgment she crawls into the front seat with the blanket. He immediately awakens and grabs her throat thinking she is trying to kill him again. She tries to knee him in the groin, but fails, and they wrestle until eventually she is pinned beneath him. 

He's so angry he doesn't know what to do now, and fleetingly wonders, - Why the hell am I getting hard now?- That's when he sees the blanket she brought up front with her. 

She realizes that he has seen the blanket, and she sees the softer look on his face now. But she also feels his arousal on her. And she is terrified, angry, and god forbid she doesn't want to be..... excited by this unusual man. He leans in to kiss her. She bites him .......hard.

Chapter 2

He yelps in pain and quickly jumps up. Before she knows what's hit her, she is sprawled on the ground and the door closes quickly behind her. The vehicle peels out kicking up stones at her.... but .... the blanket, canteen, and a small revolver are thrown from the window.

He drives into the night talking to himself loudly for the first time in years of his solitary existence. The sound of his own voice agitates him more, and after driving only a few miles he turns back to take his anger out on her..... or so he tells himself. 

He refuses to think it could be for any other reason and even goes so far to rationalize that he really needs that fucking blanket back. But she's gone, and in the night there is no trace of her. 

He spends weeks driving in a mind numbing stupor like usual. The only time his interest wavers from the white line is when a hint of movement is seen in the Wasteland. 

Finally .... one day he comes upon a large encampment. He doesn't need much for supplies, he has learned to scavenge like all savages, and almost passes by, but "something" makes him turn in to check it out. He slowly eases his aching leather clad body from the vehicle and takes it all in in one quick glance. Left over training from his long ago days of being a road cop before the apocalypse. 

Two filthy looking whores try to gain his attention. One even touches his long brown hair streaked lightly by the years in the Australian sun. He ignores them and walks quickly away. Enforcers who run the camp for their Overlord encircle him and inform him that all "guests" must be presented before the Overlord before any trading can be done.

He is taken into a large tent, but is not worried about this standard ritual that is done in all "towns". The Overlord is a huge man of seven feet with large muscles visible everywhere beneath a tight robe. Max is lithe, barely 6 feet, with muscles that are not easily seen until needed ..... but he is not intimidated. 

After a few words of introduction he is invited to join the Overlord for dinner. The enforcers are all around and heavily armed. The Overlord calls for Dark Eyes, his favorite new slave.

She is dragged into the room, defiant even after weeks of torture, but says nothing, as it will make beatings even worse. She keeps her head lowered slightly but watches everything from hooded eyes. As she is brought before the Overlord she hears a quick intake of breath. She looks up briefly, realizing someone new is in the room, and makes eye contact with Max. His face is a mask though and his blue eyes dead. Her own eyes widen slightly at the sight of him, but she quickly looks back down. - He abandoned me, no reason to think he will risk his life for me now,- she angrily tells herself.

Chapter 3

The Overlord commands sensuous music to play on the old crank record player. She is feeling humiliation now, made worse by the slinky halter top of leather and chains and short denim skirt they make her wear. And of course, no panties or shoes; they are scarce now and not wasted on slaves. 

Although she has danced to stay alive for weeks, she decides to make a stand and refuse this time. She tells herself it is only because she has finally had enough and is ready to die. But when she glances at Max, she feels a tiny quiver that hints otherwise.... and it makes her even more angry and stubborn.

The Overlord laughs at her defiance and strolls casually towards her. Max tenses in his seat, his eyes on the Overlord and quickly again on the armed men all around. She relaxes her body waiting for the blow. It comes hard, but she is prepared and doesn't fall completely. He backhands her quickly again, but she is strong and still withstands it. 

Waves of fury are rolling off Max, who is coiled and ready to spring regardless of the risk, until he sees the look of fury in her eyes ........ directed at him. Like a switch his eyes go dead again and he thinks, - Ungrateful bitch, she's only given me grief since I found her. Let her rot in this town, I'm leaving now -. 

He stands and calls to the Overlord, "Thanks for the hospitality, but I want to do some trading and be on my way." The Overlord turns before the third blow is delivered and laughs at Max, "No, you must stay for her wonderful dancing, then you may leave. That and her beauty are the only reasons she is still alive. She killed eight of my men running her down, and I have enjoyed every exquisite moment of her punishment."

A calm Max quickly calculates the odds and decides to stay. But Dark Eyes will not dance this time. She is finally beaten to the ground while Max watches dispassionately. The Overlord has a small child brought in. A flicker of emotion crosses Max's face briefly before it hides again behind his well-worn mask. 

She would die for her pride, but will not let her pride harm a child. She dances slowly at first, mostly trying to keep herself from passing out, but as the rhythm increases, the blood flows in her and she feels the heat of the dance, a heat she once enjoyed long ago with a special man, a man who reminds her now of .... - NO! Don't think! Just dance! - she screams in her mind..... but too late. 

Max has noticed the change in her and feels his own body responding as he desperately fights against it. - What the hell is happening to me?! - he thinks. - I can get a whore in any town if I want. Just because I haven't doesn't mean I'm staying faithful to a ghost..... does it? Oh my god if she comes closer she's gonna know - and he quickly stands up looking for an escape.

The Overlord, thinking he wants to play, pushes him into her and they fall to the ground, face to face, him over her. For a second they stare shocked at each other, and then she feels his hardness on her thigh, and for the first time since her first two days in the camp ..... SCREAMS. He is so startled he screams back, but when she tries to hit him, he is brought back to his senses and he slaps her hard. The Master is laughing. He senses there is more to this show than meets the eye. 

Dark Eyes is furious that he slapped her and they begin to punch, kick and claw at each other while the guards attempt to pull them apart. By the time they are separated they are heaving from exhaustion but staring daggers at each other. 

The Overlord makes a decision like a cat with a mouse. He tells Max that it is too dark to leave now and he must stay the night in a guest tent. He will be given Dark Eyes to keep him warm for the night, and after the way she has treated his guest, she deserves whatever punishment Max wishes to inflict on her.

Chapter 4

"NO!" she screams, and the Overlord quickly stuffs a gag in her mouth and binds her hands behind her back. He looks expectantly at Max who starts to say, 'No fucking way', but quickly changes his mind when he realizes it is some kind of test and he better not refuse. 

The Overlord hands a chain to Max that is connected once again to the collar on her neck and bids him to sit back down for more entertainment. Max takes one look at the lead chain in his hand and the furious look in her eyes, twitches his lips, and proceeds to yank it so hard she grunts and stumbles forward. He's starting to think he may enjoy this after all. 

He pulls her roughly to the floor next to his chair so she is sitting at his booted feet. He briefly wonders if he can force her to give him a foot massage, but thinks better of the idea, as he doesn't want to lose any toes.

Two more dancers come out, but Max pays little attention. He spends his time trying to force her with the chain to move closer to him, but every time he lets up on it, she inches away. It's become a tug of war, a battle of wills .... until one of the dancers comes very close to Max forcing him to pay attention. 

Without even realizing herself that she is doing it, Dark Eyes moves close to his legs now on her own accord and glares up at the pretty dancer. Max's mouth drops open for a second, feeling her firm ass now sitting on his boots wedged between the dancer and him. Without thinking, he reaches out to touch her dark auburn hair, but the dancer has jumped over Dark Eyes and is now sitting in his lap and his moving hand touches a breast instead. The dancer laughs and kisses him aggressively leaving him no choice but to reciprocate. His hand lets go of the chain and his arms lightly encircle the dancer.

Dark Eyes is pulled off the ground by the Overlord, who fondles her roughly, while she struggles to keep the wetness in her eyes from overflowing as she watches Max kiss the dancer. She is confused by the depth of her feelings for a man she has convinced herself that she must despise in order not to be hurt. 

Max realizes that she is gone from his side and looks up to see her being manhandled by the large man. Although he's sure he's going to regret it, he decides to make a claim. He lifts the dancer off his lap, stands up and says, "Trade me, you said she was mine for the night." 

The Overlord squeezes her breast hard causing a low moan of pain from behind the gag. Max remains motionless. The Overlord asks why he cares, as he has kept her at his feet and obviously has little interest in her. 

Saying nothing, Max slowly walks up to Dark Eyes maintaining eye contact, although if her eyes could shoot fire he knows he would be incinerated. He stops face to face with her, his eyes never wavering from hers, and quickly shoves his hand under her skirt. Her eyes widen, his remain neutral. She is completely dry, but within seconds of his swift fingers on her she is very wet, and her head turns away in shame. Like a typical man, he silently congratulates himself in his mind that his instincts were right and the bitch does want him. Although what he wants to do about it, he is as confused as her. 

The Overlord yanks Max's arm away and feels for himself the first time she has ever been aroused. He decides it will be more interesting to yield to Max and motions him to take her to the tent now. Before she has a chance to struggle, Max throws her over his shoulder and hurries into it. He tosses her unceremoniously on the bed and closes the tent flap. Then he pulls out a knife.

Chapter 5

He jumps on the bed in front of her.... crouching. Her eyes wild looking at the knife. He tells her if she promises not to scream or fight he will cut her loose and take the gag off. But she is frozen in fear so he slaps her face lightly to get a response. And he gets one ..... she tries to launch herself at him, but without use of her arms he easily pushes her back roughly, grabs her chin hard in his hand and growls, "Don't push me, do you want to be free or not?" She quickly nods yes. 

He waits a minute, watching her warily, then removes the gag, cuts her loose, and jumps back waiting for the explosion he has learned to expect from this dangerous woman. 

Slowly she stands..... then quickly grabs a nearby chair and hurls it at him! But misses .... Fucking knew she would try something - he thinks. Faster than lightning he crosses to her, grabs her hair pulling her head back roughly, and hisses between clenched teeth, "What the hell is wrong with you?" She hisses back glaring up at him, "Let go of me you animal or I'll twist your balls off." 

Suddenly he realizes that she has a tight hold on him..... much too tight .... but he controls the pain in his face and pulls her hair harder ......she in turn squeezes harder. He gasps in pain but covers it by attacking her mouth with his. Her body goes rigid, but the pressure on his balls lets up slightly. In return he loosens his hand in her hair. 

She is kissing him back shocked by how much she enjoys his soft yet demanding lips, but her mind continues to race thinking that she is only doing this to distract him so she can escape. She remains rigid with one arm by her side and one hand still squeezing his balls, but the pressure is no longer painful to him, and his body starts to respond .... a large growing heat through his pants. And for a split second she has to fight the desire to grab and caress it, angrily reminding herself of the dangers of being with a man.... any man in these dark times. 

His hand in her hair releases it's hold now but remains nestled in her locks while his other hand tentatively reaches up to touch her other arm. He is amazed at how sweet tasting her mouth is and is completely oblivious of what her other hand is doing. 

She grabs his knife from his waist, and without hesitation, pokes him in the stomach with the tip ..... just enough to get his attention. He immediately lets her go and stumbles back. His face showing emotions that it hasn't seen in years ... shock and hurt. She can barely look him in the face now, but must stay strong to get past him. 

"Move away!" she hisses, "I'm getting out of here while it's dark." 

"It's a trap, they'll expect it. Stay here and I promise nothing will happen," yet thinking to himself he will tie this crazy bitch up for the night before he ever lets his guard down with her again.

"Nothing will happen? What do you call that?" she almost shrieks at him, motioning to the obvious hardness straining against his worn leather pants. 

He looks down without thinking, thankful his long hair hides him briefly while he fights the flush creeping up his face, then slowly looks up her amazing body into her beautiful yet deadly eyes, "A mistake" he quietly retorts "my last one". 

"Damned right!" she hisses "and it won't happen again because I'm leaving now and taking your car." At the mention of his vehicle he almost loses control and wants to reach out and strangle her, knife pointing at him..... forgotten. "If you touch my vehicle, I'll kill you myself," he threatens and means it. 

"Why do you care?" she protests, "You can stay here with that slut dancer". 

At this his face twitches in amusement, another forgotten feeling, and a smile almost surfaces. He simply can't believe the range of emotions this strange woman is making him feel after a decade of emptiness. But she is glaring at him, as usual, and as much as he wants to knock some sense into her, he gives up and says, "Let's go, but I'm driving". 

She slowly lowers the knife and walks past him, head held high thinking she has won. They creep through the camp, find his vehicle and start to carefully roll it away. Suddenly spotlights are on them and there's no escape. 

Without hesitation, Max puts himself between her and the blinding lights. Out comes the Overlord who walks up to Max, grabs him by the throat and lifts him one handed off the ground. Max struggles to breathe and break the hold on his neck. Dark Eyes watches the only man who has ever shown her compassion in so many long years lose a battle based on sheer strength. 

She throws herself at the Overlord's feet, grabs his legs and begs for his life. The Overlord looks down at her, pulls her up by the hair and yells, "What will you do for his life?" 

"Anything!" she practically screams. 

"Anything? I can already make you do anything." 

"Anything willingly without resistance," she says. Max is desperately trying to shake his head 'NO', but it's too late. The Overlord throws him down and quickly kicks him savagely in the head knocking him out. Dark Eyes is dragged back to the Overlord's tent to keep her promise. 

Chapter 6

The morning finds her walking naked, freshly bruised, and totally defeated by his side to the middle of the camp. Tied to a cross is Max bleeding from the head and unconscious, with only his leather pants and boots on. Her heart races seeing him still alive and she longs to go to him, but wisely stays by the Overlord and prays he will live up to his side of the bargain.

An Enforcer is given a whip and Dark Eyes is tied to a cross close to Max. Her screams of fright wake him up, and he struggles but to no avail. Her breathtaking but ravaged nudity catches his eye briefly, but he looks away ..... until he realizes that the whip is meant for her. Max yells at the Overlord to let her go, they can make some kind of a deal. But the Overlord laughs saying that Max has never been in a position to bargain since he wandered into this camp. 

Dark Eyes is whipped soundly for trying to escape. Their eyes lock .... holding .... the strength in his flows to hers and she remains silent in the intense pain ..... passing out instead after she can take no more. 

She is then awakened by the Overlord forcing himself into her from behind. Max is shocked by the abnormal size of him and screams together with her when she finally breaks down. After savagely depositing his dead seed in her, the Overlord pulls out and blood is now everywhere from her neck to her feet. 

He cuts her down and drags her over in front of Max. "Show him!" he demands, "Show him what you want to do for me now!" She struggles to her knees, avoiding Max's wild eyes and takes the Overlord's already hardening again monstrous cock into her mouth. A faint moan escapes Max's lips .... then his own whipping begins. He never once cries out and never once takes his eyes off her sucking as if her, but actually it's his, life depends on it. If he is going to die finally, he wants to remember every detail of this torture. 

Finally the Overlord cums again after brutally pumping her head, forcing her to deep throat and almost suffocating her. He tosses her aside and says to Max while he is being whipped, "If you swear loyalty to me, I will let you down. I need strong healthy men, men who might be fertile. Many of my men are not. If you sire a child with any of my other slaves, you may continue to live and serve me." 

Max takes one look at Dark Eyes crouched on the dirt bleeding with head bowed in shame hiding behind her long dark auburn locks. He knows he will never be able to touch her, but will always see her hurt and touched by others. He has no desire to lay with another woman, let alone sire a child. His only son was killed many years ago, and it is a ghost that haunts him still. 

In answer he spits in the Overlord's face. The Overlord is shocked, never expecting a healthy man to choose death over life. But he quickly backhands Max, then backs up and reaches for a small crossbow. He slowly brings it to aim at Max. Max stares defiantly at him. Then glances at Dark Eyes for one final look.

His eyes widen! .... He opens his mouth to yell 'NO!' The Overlord has just pulled the trigger when Dark Eyes leaps in front of Max taking the bolt in her chest. She falls without uttering a sound .... Max is screaming in despair pulling on his binds. The Overlord yells in frustration, throws down the crossbow and reaches to her, his most favorite of all slave. 

Suddenly there is a huge commotion in the camp, marauders come flying in on motorcycles and dune buggies, and people are running and screaming. The Overlord leaves Dark Eyes and runs to his tent for more weapons. Max is pleading at her, "Don't die, don't die!" ..... she doesn't move. He is yelling angrily at her now, "Don't you fucking die on me you god damned bitch!" This gets a response .... she crawls to a knife laying nearby and drags herself up his body barely able to stand. 

The bolt is imbedded in her upper right breast. Her eyes are glazed in pain and near to passing out, but they clear for just a moment as she looks into his wild eyes full of more emotion than she has ever seen in them since they crossed paths weeks before. Neither says a word. 

She cuts the ropes binding his hands and falls away back to the ground. He scoops her up seeing only the bolt in her and runs to his vehicle. He lays her on the front seat so he can keep her head on his lap as he tries to escape the mayhem around them. 

Racing out of the camp, he comes upon the Overlord standing in an open spot yelling directions to his people. Max rams the accelerator and hits him dead on ..... but upon looking in his rearview mirror, he sees the Overlord climb back up to his feet, shaken but still very much alive. Insane revenge wants him to turn around and hit him again, but a moan of pain from Dark Eyes changes his priorities reminding him that he now values another's life more than his own. He speeds unnoticed into the Wasteland leaving the destruction behind them. 

Chapter 7

But he has no idea where to go. When he feels they are safely far enough away he pulls into what appears to be an abandoned garage deciding he has to at least get the bolt out and cauterize the wound, her only chance.

Lifting her out gently, he lays her down and makes a small fire. She is unconscious, which is good for what he is about to do. Using his precious spare water he washes his hands as best he can, but far from enough he knows, pours some on the wound to wash blood away, and quickly yanks out the bolt. 

Her eyes fly open at him and she screams, but passes back out again thankfully. The wound is seeping too much blood and must be closed. He sterilizes the knife and presses it hard on her breast. This time her body jumps, but she doesn't wake. There is nothing left to do now except put on a makeshift cloth bandage to keep out further dust. He has no medical supplies and knows she will probably die before night. And he carefully puts a t-shirt on her knowing he will likely be burying her in it. 

He stands watch during the long day as she alternates between sweating and chills, occasionally moaning, mostly silent. But he's sure he hears her call his name once, something she has never done before, and he realizes he doesn't even know hers. 

Pushing her hair away from her face, he leans in close, "I'm here, you're safe now". Her eyelids flicker, but no other response. Night comes and he is now in a rage, tearing the garage apart in his helplessness. Until he hears something he's heard many times over, the moan of impending death. He lifts her in his arms, and tears he's forgotten he has, flow down his face. 

Suddenly a portion of the floor opens up in front of him and a dozen well-armed women appear. They point to her in his arms, and knowing he can't do anything more, he offers her to them and pleads, "Help her please".

A woman steps forward, looks at the wound seeping blood again, the death paleness of her skin, and snatches her quickly from his arms. He doesn't protest. Not even when they surround him and force him into the ground with them. He will go willingly wherever they bring her.

The ground is camouflaged back as if the hole were never there, and they walk deep through cool air caves until coming to a tremendous sized cavern. Max has never seen anything like it, "Planet Erf" apart, where a long time ago he met and helped the Waiting Ones. Water is flowing freely, there is a small lake, green plants, and even livestock and small wild animals. 

He is taken to a large log cabin, and Dark Eyes is brought inside. He tries to follow but is shoved away and manhandled in a weapon search. He doesn't care. He'll strip naked if they want as long as they let him in. During the search two of the women appraise his "attributes" trying to judge just how healthy he is, but his focus never wavers from the cabin door. 

Once satisfied he is weapon-free, they let him in. He is further shocked to see that it is a makeshift hospital of sorts. Cots for patients who have broken limbs, infections, birthing, etc. Nothing major though, as this place is the most like paradise he's ever seen and all are in amazing health.

Four women are holding Dark Eyes on a table as another rips away at the wound. She is screaming for Max, and it takes six women to hold him down. The wound is properly cleaned this time and cauterized again. A needle is inserted in her arm with life saving antibiotics. The Tribe Leader now enters the cabin and she says, "No exceptions, put him in the pit."

He struggles but is thrown into a large pit and almost lands on top of other men. They are all weak and have given up .... never enough food, and beatings when they complain. There is no way out of the pit unless one is chosen for pleasure or punishment. Few children have been born, and only those men who have proven their fertility are given extra food occasionally. Male children are allowed freedom, but treated like servants. Females rule this paradise. 

He immediately and stubbornly yells at his captors and is pulled out and beaten for his defiance. Then thrown back in where the men pounce on him for his clothes and boots. But his superior strength and ferocity hold them off and they stay back .... for now. 

Once during the night he hears her scream for him again, and he yells back, "I'm here!", receiving a dozen large sharp stones thrown down on his head for it. 

Another long day and night follows. Twice he has to fight off men who want him for more than his clothes. After almost killing three of them, they finally leave him alone. The women above watch it all and laugh placing bets on the outcomes of these fights. 

Then finally he is brought to the cabin again. Dark Eyes has been treated, cleaned and given clean clothes. She is trying to convince them to let her go and is asking where the man is, but they will not give her any information. As soon as they see each other, their eyes light up and he tries to move to her, but is held back. She is more beautiful than ever, and he is grateful beyond belief that she's alive. 

The Queen tells them that they can never leave now. She will become a member of their tribe and he will serve with the men. Dark Eyes doesn't understand, "Serve how?"

"As community property of the tribe for pleasure and child-making," replies the Queen. Thinking quickly, but unable to look Max in the face, she says, "No, he belongs to me." Max snorts, but lowers his head quickly. The Queen says that it is the law and the only way it can be changed is if she is willing to fight her for tribe leadership .... a fight to the death, but first she must be made a proper member and him a proper slave. 

She announces that an introduction ceremony will be held that night, and the following day they will battle. Max tries to protest, worried she isn't up to fighting, but Dark Eyes backhands him quickly. "Son of a bitch," he mutters, glares at her, but remains still. 

The Queen comments that he hasn't been broken yet, but Dark Eyes retorts that she likes him feisty. Max is struggling not to start rampaging at this turn in events. Two months ago he was free, albeit barely alive inside, and now since finding this bitch he's been beaten, whipped and become a slave. He is furious and his feelings for her make it worse. 

They drag him to a table, strip off all his clothes, tie him down on his back, legs spread, and throw water all over him. Dark Eyes tries not to watch, but his magnificent body pulls her eyes to his straining muscles, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and large but soft manhood. 

He is yelling and they gag him. She wonders if she can fight them all in this room, but knows she can't. The women are keeping their weapons aimed at him and are watching her closely. She tries to convey her helpless feelings to him through her eyes, but he is too furious to see. The Queen says he is ready now. They hand Dark Eyes a branding iron.

Chapter 8

Max is fighting the binds violently, yelling behind the gag, and shaking his head at her. Dark Eyes knows it's a test and is trapped though. She approaches him with the branding iron. He stops moving, quiets down and just looks pleadingly at her. She feels tears approaching and looks away. When she looks back, he is no longer seeking her help, and his eyes are dead and far away. 

The Queen grabs hold of his large manhood and moves it out of the way. She points to a spot high in his upper inner thigh. Dark Eyes contemplates shoving the iron down the Queen's throat, but knows that Max's body will be riddled with bullets if she does. 

She takes a deep breath and presses the iron where she was shown. Max lets out one hiss of pain behind the gag and his leg jumps, but he remains silent. He refuses to look at her; his body sweating now from the intense heat and pain inflicted on it. 

She is taken from the cabin and he is then washed entirely with soap and water and dressed in loose pants. He is kept tied up waiting. Dark Eyes is also bathed again, oiled, perfumed and prepared for the evening ceremony. 

Evening comes and everyone is dancing and singing. The men are let out of the pit for pleasuring the women. Max is dragged out to sit in chains by the Queen's chair. Dark Eyes is brought out and she immediately looks for Max. He still refuses to look her in the face. 

The ceremony consists of her, Miranda, pledging her loyalty to the tribe. Max is secretly pleased to finally know her name. A blood oath is taken with both her palms slit, and each member drinks from a cup of it. She in turn drinks the blood of the Queen. She doesn't realize though that the Queen's blood was first mixed with a strong narcotic. Max saw it and tries to warn her, but he is quickly clubbed and gagged again. 

Miranda no longer cares, she is flying high and feeling safe with women who treat her well and want her to be with them. She dances seductively with the women and slave men, occasionally coming close to Max to tease him. He glares at her now fighting himself from being aroused by the display and attention she is showing him. She never touches him, just teases and torments and also causes feelings of unheard of jealousy in him at the attention she also gives the women and other men. 

The celebration climaxes with her laying naked on a large rock, open and unmoving, with the women touching and kissing her all over. The men are not allowed this part. Miranda doesn't even realize what's happening. Her eyes are open but glazed in a drugged stupor. Her body, although wet and dripping, won't move anymore and she is simply enjoying the feeling of a dream in her mind where she is picturing Max all over her. The feelings are so intense she can't even cry out, but lays there mutely. The women are reveling in their enjoyment of a new beautiful body beneath them.

Max's heart is beating rapidly, his member throbbing. He doesn't know how to take this anymore. He's never been both so disgusted yet excited in his life. Part of him is praying they give him to her now. But the rational part of him knows it is rape and he couldn't do it.

The Queen, seeing his arousal, decides it's time for his introduction to the tribe. Miranda is now sleeping coma-like, but blissful. The women surround him, pull his pants off, and touch and kiss him all over, while he stands there unmoving, eyes on Miranda. They are thrilled with his size and "play fight" amongst themselves for control of it. 

His body screams for release at the hands of a woman, it's been too many lonely years although voluntarily he admits, but his pride refuses to let it happen this way. The Queen watches only while her women play with him. Max's arousal starts to die down as he finally gains control of himself. The women get angry now and try harder to entice him. They begin to hurt him. He winces but keeps silent. The Queen has had enough. It's obvious he won't be broken this way and has him brought to her cabin.

Chapter 9
Once inside he is chained to a ceiling beam with his arms stretched high above him and his legs chained to the floor beneath him. He is tired of struggling and assumes he will be beaten and thrown back in the pit soon. 

The Queen removes her clothing and Max's gag. She is beautiful in her savageness, but pales in Max's eyes compared to Miranda. He decides to keep his head bowed so she will hurry up and get it over with. But she isn't fooled with his fake submission and yanks his head up at her staring him in the eyes. "You are stronger willed than any of the men were. It will be a pleasure breaking you," she says in a low lethal voice. 

Max can't help himself, he smiles wickedly at her receiving a swift backhand for his foolishness. She removes a belt from the wall. But after the whipping he received on his back not long ago, he thinks nothing can be as bad ..... he is wrong. She belts him all over his naked body, front and back, not sparing an inch of flesh. He never cries out, not even when his manhood is beaten, although his body trembles with pain, his eyes wild.

She stops to look closely at him for any sign of arousal, but none appears. The Queen pulls his head up again and asks if he submits .... he immediately says 'Yes', but it's obvious he doesn't mean it. The cold fury in his eyes betray his words. She gets angrier, placing tight clamps on his nipples attached to a small battery, and flicks a switch. His entire body convulses violently as electricity races though him. He almost passes out after the third jolt, but still manages to remain silent. He is exhausted from the pain and control he keeps on himself, and his head lays limply now. 
She comes close to him again, and he slowly moves his face up very near to hers ... and tries to rip out her throat with his teeth. She jumps back, grabs a massive metal bar and slams it across his face stunning him momentarily .... blood and spit flying from his mouth. The Queen flicks the switch again and again, and eventually Max breaks down screaming in pain and shock. 

Miranda wakes at this and runs to the cabin to be tackled and held by the women. She screams for Max, and he screams back her name. The women keep her restrained, and she cries tears of frustration not knowing what is being done to him. 

When he is finally beyond pain, the Queen stops and lets Miranda see him. He is barely conscious hanging from the beam, his legs have given out, his strength gone, and he can't focus, his eyes rolling back in his head. 

Miranda takes one look at him and launches herself at the Queen, but she was expecting it and guards intercept quickly. She reminds Miranda that tomorrow she will have a chance to rule the tribe herself if she survives the combat. Miranda tells her that if her slave has been permanently damaged she will kill every woman in the camp after she wins the battle.

The Queen laughs, walks up to Max, kisses him hard on his bloodied mouth, brutally bites his neck drawing blood, and orders him taken back to the pit now that he has been broken and marked by his Queen. Miranda demands that her slave receive medical treatment, to no avail. Max is dragged back and thrown naked into the pit, thankful the men are quietly sleeping. 

Chapter 10
In the morning all the men are hauled out of the pit to bear witness the challenge to their Queen. Max is given his leather pants to wear, but no food or water like the others. He's in agony, and only the sheer strength of his willpower keeps him from stumbling to the ground. 

Miranda is brought out to begin battle. She immediately looks to Max, but he is swaying on his feet and doesn't really see anything yet. There is a ritual kiss on the lips between the two combatants. But the Queen grabs Miranda by the neck and kisses her much rougher than necessary to prove a point. Miranda spits in her face in response. The fight begins. There is no weapons allowed ..... arm to arm until death. 

Max forces himself to watch closely now, worried for her and knowing his freedom and possibly his life depends on her winning. They fight for hours, neither gaining an advantage, yet both bruising and bloodying the other. In time the Queen grows desperate to end the battle. She has never fought someone so unusual, quick and strong before. Max realizes he's seen certain moves by Miranda only one other place long ago. The thought is shocking. 

The Queen is finally tiring .... it is apparent Miranda will win. She suddenly throws a large fist of sand in Miranda's face and lunges forward with a small hidden knife, no longer caring that she is breaking her own rule. 

Max sees the knife, sees Miranda has been blinded, and throws himself in front of her taking the knife in his side. Miranda screams as he falls down her arms to the ground, but she quickly pulls the knife from him and throws it expertly at the Queen's throat ..... a direct hit .... blood gushes and the Queen gurgles her final breaths, falling to her knees, then her face .... into the ground ramming the knife further into her neck. 

Miranda kneels, holding Max in her arms, tear streaming down her face. She pushes his hair away and looks for signs of life, pleading his name. He opens his eyes barely and tries to speak. She tells him to save his strength, don't speak..... but he must. He finally gets the words out, barely audible to her ears, "We're even now, Bronze to Bronze." She is stunned, she didn't know what she expected, but it certainly wasn't that. He smiles faintly at the look on her face and closes his eyes. 

She immediately stands up and demands help bringing him to the hospital cabin. No one steps forward. The Queen is dead and Miranda makes her claim shouting, "I am your Queen now. If this man dies, you will all die". A hesitation in the crowd, but then the doctor and two others appear and carry him to the surgical bed. He is unconscious and never wakes while they treat the knife wound as best they can. Miranda sits by the bed the entire day and night holding his arm and laying her head on it. 

Late the next day while she sleeps, she feels fingers softly in her hair. She jerks awake ready to attack, but realizes quickly that Max is touching her, laying there smiling weakly. She takes his hand in hers and tells him she won the contest. "But how did you know I was a cop? Did we serve together?" 

He replies, "No, just realized it suddenly watching you fight. Should've known all along. Never met anyone out here like you before." 

"Well that makes two of us," she says with a smile. The doctor comes in now and tells Miranda to let him rest. No one will harm him. 

Miranda leaves, but late into the night while sleeping she hears a rustle in her cabin. A presence in the dark near her bed. She lashes out with her foot connecting squarely with a jaw .... WACK! .... the person falls to the floor hard. She turns on the oil lamp and there is the most stubborn, craziest motherfucker she's ever met, holding his bandaged side, grimacing in pain, and bleeding from the mouth now. 

He glares up at her, and for a brief second she thinks to herself - Shit, here we go again -, but he forces a smile through the pain, and she holds her hand out to him helping him to his feet. "I don't trust them," he says, "I'm leaving now. You?" 

For a split second she hesitates, thinking of the safety she has with the women, their respect now, but she looks up into his blue eyes and knows she will follow him. "Let's go," she says. 

They leave the cabin and head for the entrance for the tunnels to the surface. The same dozen guard women jump out and block their way. "We need her," they say, "No other leader has stepped forward, there will be chaos soon. Stay long enough to crown a new Queen for us at least." Miranda looks at Max. He wants to leave, but not without her. His side is aching severely though and he wonders if he should stay longer anyways. He forces another smile at her, and she knows he will stay. She agrees if the men are let out of the pit now and allowed a cabin of their own. The women hesitate, not sure of this arrangement ... but agree. 
Chapter 11
The tribe wants to have a formal crowning ceremony in two days. After that Miranda can turn the crown over to someone else. Max spends the time recuperating in the hospital, bed ridden. Miranda visits long hours each day sitting by his side, and they finally have time to talk, speak about their pasts, and bond in a way other than pain and blood. 

The night of the ceremony begins and Miranda is brought out in a long flowing dress. She is told to stand near the stone altar. She looks at it nervously remembering a strange dream she had on it. But she is not made to lie down. Just stand while each woman kneels before her and lifts her dress. She doesn't like it .... wants it to stop, uncomfortable with this aspect, but they insist they must each taste her in turn, just a taste to remember her by. They do not touch with anything but their tongues and lips. 

She looks at Max sitting on the ground leaning on a boulder, a strange expression on his face. She tries to relax. Their tongues so soft, licking long, two or three times each. Many of them pushing in to explore quickly, then pressing against her clit, which now starts to pulsate, burning. She starts to lose control and moans.

Max's eyes are wide now staring at her body being pleasured in this ritual .... he is throbbing, breathing faster. Tries to convince himself the only reason he's not attacking the women touching her is because of his injury, but he knows it's just an excuse. She looks again at him and they hold eyes. She is trying desperately not to cum now. But his handsome lustful face staring at hers is making it difficult. 

Finally the last woman finishes and Miranda breathes a sigh of relief that she didn't lose control completely. But her face is flushed with embarrassment now that it is over. She runs to her cabin avoiding Max. He calls to her, but she ignores him in frustration, not knowing what to do ... and won't come out. He stubbornly decides to let her come to him then. 

Three more days pass and they refuse to see each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. She spends time learning what the women and men need, trying patiently to teach them better healthier ways to live. He spends time gaining his strength back and being cared for in the hospital. 

They both refuse all advances by others. She dreams of him at night and he of her, each moaning for the other softly. 

Finally she can stand the tension no more, makes preparations and a flimsy excuse in her mind to ease her own stubborn will, and then summons the women to bring him to her cabin ....... whether he wants to come or not. 

Chapter 12
The women tell Max that his Queen wants him to go to her cabin now. He refuses and says she can come to him if she has something to say. They know he's not supposed to be harmed and don't know what to do now. Miranda swallows her pride and tells the women to 'humbly request his presence' in her cabin. She hopes that it will break the tension, make him smile, and he will come to her then .... she is right.

He comes on his own and stands a few feet in front of her, the familiar blank expression on his face, "What do you want?" voice low and emotionless.

"I have a surprise for you," she says softly. 

"I'm sick of surprises and ready to leave this place tomorrow, with or without you. Side is healing well, and I want my vehicle back," he growls. 

She is getting angry at his pissiness, but knows she deserves it after rejecting his calls to her after the Crowning Ceremony. She asks him in the nicest voice she can manage to come out back and see something. 

He follows warily, and there, all cleaned up, fully stocked with food, water, blankets, weapons and medical supplies, is his vehicle. His eyes light up now, "How?" and she tells him there is another entrance where he can drive right out to the surface this very minute if he wants, and she points in the direction. 

He immediately gets in and starts the engine. "Coming?" he asks hopefully. "No," she shakes her head sadly but firmly, "These people need me too much. If I leave they'll just go back to their old ways of hurting the men. It's going to take a long time to re-condition them to think of everyone as equals so they can be a healthy society." 

"Why do you care?" he asks. "How can you not?" she counters. "Not only is it what we once were, you and I, but it's what we are as people." 

"Don't care 'bout anyone else," he mumbles. "What about me?" she asks. He looks to the ground knowing that she's right. So many long years numbing himself to everything around him to survive, to forget the pain of loss, and now it was all changing because of her, and he was scared out of his mind and hating it.

"I won't be a slave of any kind," he states firmly. "Of course not," she reassures, "that's over now". 

"But you're in charge?" he asks. "Yes, someone has to be or they'll revert, and they'll never accept a man this soon." He nods knowing she's right again. But living with so many people around him makes him nervous, and he wonders how long he can manage to stay here before he runs. 

He takes a deep breath, looks into her eyes, neither saying anything more, his hands still on the wheel, motor running, and makes his decision .... shuts off the engine and gets out.
She tells him he can stay in her cabin until another is built; there is plenty of room and two beds. He agrees, if he gets the bed closest to the door near his vehicle. She laughs - always thinking about that - she thinks. 

Chapter 13
The women want to celebrate that she has decided to stay after all, and an impromptu celebration is held. Max is feeling better now about his decision and lets his guard down a little to enjoy himself. He won't dance, but admires the women and especially Miranda dancing. 

Until one of the men gets much too close to her. He jumps to his feet, grabs the man roughly and punches him square in the face. Miranda is shocked. "You can't just do that!" she yells. "Why not?" he sputters back. 

"Because this isn't that desert hell above, this is a real functioning society!" she yells back. 

"Yeah," he snorts "a real bloody fucked up society." 

She stomps back to their cabin angrily and he follows. She tries to close the door on him, but he pushes his way in. She starts throwing things at him, and he silently stalks her around the room. A chair hits him hard in the chest and he explodes finally, launching himself at her, fists flying .... but she's ready for him and they tumble to the ground each trying to pummel the other .... weeks of anger, pain and tension coming to the surface finally. 

His superior strength finally holds her beneath him, both are heaving, glaring at the other. Her lips are dry now and she unthinkingly licks them, the sight making him snap, and he attacks her mouth with his. She panics for a minute and tries to push him off, but the heat under her dress pressing against his hardness is too much to resist and she finally gives in to something that's been building since the first time she bit him in the front seat of his vehicle weeks ago. 

She opens her mouth now to kiss him back, and his eyes widen in shock, not quite sure if she'll bite his tongue off or not. But the look in her eyes tells him he's safe, and he kisses her passionately, tongues dueling for dominance, but also caressing, lips so soft and each nipping at the other gently. 

He lets go of her arms and thinks to himself half-seriously that if she attacks him now he will likely rip her head off. Moves his hand into her hair gently, around her face as they kiss, the other hand down her arm to the side of her breast. 

He looks in her eyes again for a sign of approval. She moves her hands down his back and over the muscles of his hard yet soft ass pulling him down further on her ... pressing .... a sure sign of approval he remembers. His hand moves over her breast and the nipple instantly hardens at his touch. He pushes the thin dress top down and rolls her nipple between his fingers, squeezing gently. She moans into his mouth, one hand clutching his ass and the other in his hair now holding him tightly. 

He kisses and nips gently down her neck, nuzzling the sweet smell of hair and skin at that soft vulnerable spot at the base. He finds her nipple and licks it softly around and around. She holds his head to her breast, and he sucks the nipple in, sucking hard between his lips, rolling his tongue around the breast and nipple, gently nipping it with his teeth. 

She is moaning again, and he slips his hand under the bottom of her dress, over her soft mound of hair and gently touches her wetness. So wet and hot he instantly wants to plunge his fingers in, but he holds back and carefully strokes around, pushing around the folds carefully until he finds her hard engorged clit. The moment his fingers touch it, she sharply hisses in air and her body jerks beneath him. 

He moves to her other breast while he continues to rub her clit around and around pressing on it harder now, pulling and pinching it gently. Then entering her with two fingers, in and out slow at first, quickly building faster, going deeper, in and out, loving her moans as her body trembles under him. 

He then kisses softly down her stomach until he reaches her inner thighs, so soft and warm against his lips, he kisses them to her wetness where the scent of her makes him lightheaded with desire, almost driving him mad. He touches his tongue to her sweetness, and she cries out his name. He licks her quickly all around, lapping all of her juices hungrily, never wanting it to end. His tongue moving in and out, long hard strokes, making her breathe faster now. 

Moves his lips to her clit, so ripe now that she almost explodes when he starts licking and pushing on it with his tongue. Then she cries his name again louder when he sucks it into his mouth, pulling on it with his lips, stroking it with his tongue, and gently nipping at it. His fingers continue to move in her as he sucks harder and harder on her clit. 

She is building quickly now, panting, and she clutches his head while he buries his face in her, licking, sucking, pushing hard and fast. But suddenly, in a clear moment, she pushes him away and back up her body where she pulls desperately at his leather pants, and he quickly pushes them down. He looks in her eyes deeply. His naked cock on her, hard and throbbing, so hot and her so wet and ready. "Are you sure?" he murmurs, and she smiles in response, her hand wrapping around his long thick shaft, firmly stroking it back and forth causing him to moan aloud now. 

Her other hand even touches lightly the brand high on his inner thigh that she was forced to inflict on him, and she looks to him for a response. But he no longer cares, and she is secretly glad within the deepest darkest part of her heart that although she didn't want to hurt him, that it is a mark he will forever carry to remember her by. She touches his balls carefully rubbing the skin between her fingers, gently pulling and caressing them as she continues to stroke him. 

He's suddenly afraid he may cum from her hands on him and pushes them away quickly and kisses her beautiful mouth again. She lifts her hips to him as he slowly enters her, eyes open, kissing softly, watching her for a sign of distress. He is large enough that she needs to adjust, and she pushes up on his hips with her hands so he stops briefly, only half in. 

But her body is screaming to be filled, and she then pulls hard on his ass and he slams the rest of the way into her causing them both to cry out in ecstasy as her pussy clamps down on him tightly. They kiss wildly now, bodies pumping fast and hard against each other ...... the slow lovemaking is over ...... too much tension has built up and they are now clawing at each other, slamming hard, kissing hard, squeezing hard, no pain, only intense pleasure more than either have ever felt in their lives ..... until they can't take it anymore and they both explode crying out loudly, clutching each other in desperation with tears on their faces. Him spurting over and over in her as her muscles spasm violently around him, bodies shaking and heaving against each other. 

Finally his body lays relaxed on hers, gently holding each other ..... she stroking his back softly ..... he realizing now, although his heart has known for quite a while, that he will never leave her side no matter what ..... he loves her completely and wants to tell her so. He lifts his face from her neck and says quietly with a twinkle in his eye, "Wanna go for a ride?"

The End


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