A few years from now... (MM1 time)

Australia is in the midst of economic downturn due to the Armalite Gangs and unstable global political situation. Global prices for fuel and other goods including technology skyrocket etc.

Governments control is chipped away by the reality that the need for food shelter and fuel is becoming more inportant than its own minted currency. Due to its lack of value, money is running low for essential governmental provided services such as police, hospitals, schools, homeless care, pensions, garbage collection, water board, electricity and other essential services in a civilised society. These start to be withdrawn or break down from time to time. People are concerned, society in turn reacts to this removal of the safety net by resorting to more base and instinct related behaviour.

Technology advancement slows and the family unit is placed under increasing stress. Day to day life still goes on though as people go to work, TV still runs, planes still fly, cities still operate as per usual. theres just a more dangerous aspect to everyday life. Rural towns find themselves in trouble as unemplyment and social problems skyrocket, many suffer mass exodous as people flock to the cities in hope of work.

the thinning police ranks are huriedly reassigned or redistributed to a M.F.P Breaker patrols but again the money for these runs low, cops are forces to strip their own spare cars to provide essential parts. As govt control recedes the cops find themselves increasingly politically isolated from the money and support of the government and the trust of the people.

Mad Max 1 occours.

After MAD MAX 1 ....

At the end of the movie, we see Max driving in the Prohibited areas whilst meanwhile global talks occour about rising oil prices. The unstable political situation errupts into war in the middle east which results in the complete destruction of the oil fields.

The UN attemps to solve the war through diplomacy but serves only to heighten the problem as former East vs West tensions start to rise between US, Western Europe and the former USSR, China. Other countries such as African states, Australia and South-America watch nervously urging tolerance.

In a mass protest the USSR and China withdraw from the UN. This places enourmous pressure on the fragile resource starved European political situation resulting in mass protests and violence across European cities. Civil and minor country to country wars errupt across old tensions.

In Australia, fuel supplies are quickly depleting. Similar violence errupts in the critically overloaded cities which now contain most of Australias population…

Max - in his movements - sees this happen and equips his former police car with super long range tanks and the necessities of survival…

All public services and amenities close down. Syndey becomes unable to remove its sewarage; power its buildings or protect its citizens; racial, class based tensions (etc.) come to boiling point.

In one of the final sessions of federal parliament, the prime minister declares a state of national emergeny, or martial law.

What few police left disband or form gangs, protecting their former privileged satus and access to weapons and high performance cars. A few army and government people still exist to provide some services such as flights on 747's...

The violence does not stop and in a similar way as east timor, armed gangs rampage through the new cities’slums killing and pillaging and warring with each other. The cities start to empty as disease and violence decimate the population. Regional centres are used by the population to try and find a safe haven to exist. Many but not all of these are swallowed up by the widening rings of disease and violence and become burning destroyed ghost towns.

People are pushed further and further in their search for safety, many back into the outback and the former Prohibited areas of the TransCon where the old Armalite gangs formerly ruled. These are now a sterile "Wasteland" of danger and scant resources.

The Gangs from the city now follow these people into the Wasteland in search of fuel and food.

Mad Max 2 occours.

After MAD MAX 2 (The Road Warrior)...

Global East/West tensions escalate into full scale nuclear war. Australia is historically allied with Western nations and suffers limited atomic bombing in all former major cities. Cranberra becomes a crater in the ground (I like that: P !!! ) Having warning of this attack, one of the few planes left which fly to australia, takes off from Sydney airport for New Zealand or Norfolk island or somewhere as a safe haven but is damaged on ascent by severe turbulence caused by the bombing it turns around tries to land back in Australia. It gest lost and crashes 500 klm from Sydney after flying on 3 then 2 engines for only 35 minutes.

(NOTE: chronology's biggest inaccurate figure! As you should already know, in MM3 Savannah Nix did the tell for Max and the Waiting Ones. At a certain point she tried to explain what has been happened during the so-called Pox-Eclipse, The Oil War Apocalypse. Well, straight from her words, it seems that Capt. Walker and the "adults" packed the 747 Boeing while experiencing one of the many nuclear winters which fell on Sydney - or maybe, most likely, on a suburban sector around Sydney - after the bombing, and not before.)

After a nuclear winter which much of Australia’s vegetation is destroyed, the bitumen roads of the Transcon start disappearing under erosion and shifting sands. The sea level recedes and weather patterns change. Emerging from the winter, the greatly thinned population now struggles to survive as the gangs themselves either perish or become stugglers themselves. Nomadic stragglers and subsistence farmers work to survive only.

Max moves through this new world quickly loosing the Lone wolf machine for a temporary dwelling during the winter. In the following 15 or so years, circumstances force him to keep moving. He has more adventures. He gathers weapons and objects to trade, eventually riggin’up a customised 4 wheel drive truck as a mobile home in the same way the interceptor was. His boots and leather pants wear out but are replaced by similar items.

(NOTE: chronology's minor inaccurate figure. Believe it or not, but Max has been wearing the same pair of leather paints for 20 years or more. He just managed to wisely re-arrange his former black leather M.F.P uniform, turning it to the Road Warrior-style outfit we saw in MM2. Lately he also converted that in the strange mix-up of nomad clothes and Bounty Hunter-style suit we learnt to love in MM3.)

In America and Europe, govt and army officials hide in underground bunkers as the war and subsequent nuclear winter rages. Unfortunatley, the winter lasts much longer than expected and few bunkers survive, the government communications network between bunkers breaks down. Gangs briefly sweep the land but dont last long in the winter. Non bunkered survivors try to survive by nomadic trade and working off the land. There is little to no contact between the two. The bunker people are happy to consolidate their position and wait out the winter and inhospitable conditions. They occasionally steal cattle and crops from the outsiders using their superior weapons to continue research. Eventually after 10 years they exhaust their bunkers and are forced to come out. They try to enfoce their old law but are overpowered and ignored by the outsiders who are better equiped to handle the changed new world. Europe and America resort to nomadic medieval societies as well. NOTE: I took this American/European Scenario from a book I read, titled "Children of the Dust" basically to explain why Europeans/Americans/Asians don’t intervene in Australia’s history between Mad Max 2 and 3.

Back in Australia, small regional centres and farming societies still survive in fortified form. These medieval villages like arrangements become centres of trade but are very scarce.

An old coal mine - somewhere near a mountainous area approx. 500 klm from Sydney - is converted into a self-sufficient village, the masterminds in the original small group of about 5-10 people are a female autocratic American former business executive and a former engineer. They modify the mine and its locomotive formerly used to haul coal out of the mine to provide power firstly from coal. Eventually the mine shaft collapses and coal becomes unavailable so they use methane from the pigs in their subsistence farm to provide power.

Max in his wanderings encounters someone who has been to or heard of Bartertown. He decided to go there to trade some belongings.

Max Max 3 occours.

What then ?

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