ABOUT MAX 'S LIFE during and after the Pocsyclypse

Max is doing what we all do... trying to stay alive as long as he can. The motive for gas is mobility. I'm sure that some people didn't need it and hid in the jungle and forests and mountains, but this story is about those that fled the rioting cities in their cars to the wasteland.

The marauders are out there because it is easy pickins on all those people running away from the violent cities. Think of the odd road train or tanker or small rural comunties they could overtake. Fuel depots for army, or old gas stations or main refinerys. Plus what they get from travelers. There would have to be a fuel supplie other than just people you run into because they wouldn't really have any either. The rig in MM2 for instance, was a supply truck sent somewhere that had run out of fuel after taking a detour or not haveing enough fuel in the first place. The driver probably was wounded then got in his rig and drove off then died after he ran out of fuel or he had nothing to drink and he stayed in his truck. The windows weren't broken so no one shot him. His body only could have been there maybe a few weeks so he had to come from somewhere.

I am saying that Australia is the same as it is now except that the biggest say four or 5 cities have been bombed out or nuked and maybe some big army bases. The entire country could not be nuke out into desert or everyone would die within a week or 2. The people that are out in the desert are there to fight and survive. After the initiall fleeing from the cities most could not make the drive to and coast because of fuel shortage, and the big gangs don't want to go there…they like to loot and pilage of all the others trying to escape or survive.

I'm sure a couple of people lived in the cities or went back right away but they would be sick from radiation. Out in the desert and maybe the deserted coast line they would be safe. But they need gas to keep moving and fighting. Probaly a few years or less after MM2 the fuel is all gone, or any that anyone knows about that, is. There are probaly on or 2-3 pumps stations out there some where but no one knows of them or can get there with a vehicle to fuel up. People must walk or ride a horse/camel. The odd time a car or maybe a small buggy or motorcycle goes by and loots someone because they had a few drums of gas saved away. Some of these people proably go to Bartertown. Or Bartertown residents come out and find these cars in the 2 or 3 trucks they had to start with and tow em back and convert them to methane. Max maybe had a buggy or a bike or horse during this time. When he got the wagon train he must have got the camels from a farm or a place where a lot of survivors where to hook it all up and weld that stuff on the truck. I doubt it looked like that during the road wars. The only way I see him loseing the Lone Wolf is getting stuck in sand really bad and haveing to get into another car and run with an ally or running out of gas or maybe he goes into a building to look for gas and someone hops in and takes off. He didn't have anything to boobytrap it with.


"Here in this blighted place he learned to live again" Max wonders into the wasteland sometime in the few weeks or months after MM1. Geroge Miller (the director) says that MM2 is about 3 years after part one. If Max were going to the North coast or anywhere specific to live he would already be there. And if he couldn't get there for lack of fuel that means he would have already run out and been killed. He is smart enough to not get that lost and North is a pretty easy direction to follow. Even on foot you could get there in 2-4 months. He was in the wasteland cus that is where the action was that he lived on. Like he said he was beginning to like his job too much.


Damn right there are still pirates and Marauders out there. Now instead of being gas dependant they are strictly food/water and useful supply dependant. Both for use and trading. Any one within 100 miles of Bartertown could be run down by a less than honorable vehicle owner who resides in the town. And think of those who wait in ambush and set traps. Also those on horseback or camels. Alot of people woud still have to walk here and there. Not everyone in the movie lived in Bartertown, it was just a stop off for travellers to do a little business and trade or buy. There must be other settlements further away within a few days/weeks distance. Farms for supplys and water and wells and such. Some people must bring in good water. Then there are those who find it lying in contaminated pools and try to sell it in a radioactive filthy state. Probably most of the people would travel in small caravans so they could make it the distance to bartertown. No body went to Crack in the earth because it is in the dune/loose sand part of the desert that is too dificult and sparse of resources too travel for the limited gain of supply or lack of knowledge of what is on the other side. Well as far as Max's truck I almost think its an 80/81 F-150 or 250 Ford but when you look at the side of the door frames the windsheild and roof have a much sharper slope to them than the Fords. Maybe an older 1972 style F-100 cab but I'm not sure. Definetly some kind of pick up truck though.

On a side not I think that there would only be a handful om places on the continent that had running cars like Bartertown so if they make a MM4 that happens anytime around or after part 3 they will not have running cars unless it is way into the future and they start making new stuff again and pump oil out of blown up refineies. There will be no new interceptor cus there is no one to intercept. and nothing to run it on. Methane would need to be filled at the same place giving only a few 100 KM of range even at the best of times. So if he found some mint car in a show room with a full tank and some cans of gas (wich would have gone bad by now) he could only drive himself around for a week or 2 at most then be stranded and no one else would have a car to drive after him with anyways. It would have to be way into the future after Max is long gone or be a Bartertown type rip off with methane or something like it with junkmobiles. Or all horse and buggy (pickup truck) and horse back riding like a western. I supposed you could run the old steam engine trains again with maintenace. It would be like a western film (Quigley Down Under). Steam powered cars aren't really practical and wouldn't go as fast as a horse. Face it (even I have to) the fast cars are gone from this series. That was a million miles ago. Now if they made a movie that happened around part one or two with other characters then you could have some high octan thrills, but it aint happening in the next few generations after MM3.

THE LONE WOLF (Pappagallo’s vehicle in ROAD WARRIOR/Mad Max 2)

Front engine 351 Ford turbocharged, rear engine supercharged 351 Ford. The vehicle is built on a shortbox pickup frame. The front suspension uses leaf springs and is out of a 4X4 (including axle). The transmission is mounted to the front engine as usual with a high speed 4X4 drive shaft to the front axle and a regualr type to the rear wheels.

The rear engine has a single speed sealed (like a manual tranny full of gear oil) gear box on it where the usaull tranny sits and a drive shaft from it connected to the front tranny where the power is dispensed from. This is a four speed auto with a shifter on the steering column. There is a 4X4 shifter on the tranny hump in between the driver's legs. It has 2HI, 4HI, 4LO, and N. It is shift on the fly at any speed, and you can shift out at any time as well. The 2wheel HI is for normal running with front engine powering the rear wheels only at a top speed of around 100 MPH. When the rear engine is started it can at any time be shifted into 4 wheel HI driving all the wheels with more power. The max speed then increase to over 140 MPH. If the rear engine stalls or breaks down the other can push it like usual but you must shift out of 4X4 soon cus it will really whine and heat up. The rear engine alone can push the vehicle if the front one temperarly breaks down but it will only work in 4X4 and cannot go any faster than about 75 or 80 MPH and it burns gas worse than the front alone does.

The black steps one the side are the twin fuel tanks. They hold just over 170 litres each (42.5US gal.) The tanks have a single fuel gauge and selecter switch for wich tank is to be used (like on a duel tank pick up truck) and both engines run off of whichever tank is selected. When the tank being used hits 4 or less gallons (16 litres) a red LED light flashes (this can be disconneced for night time sneakyness). The filler caps are on the rear of the tanks near the passenger/cargo area. The caps are screw on like on a rig and have removable screens to catch the bigger chunks of pollutants in the fuel or to lay a finer filter (like a shop rag or coffee filter) on to screen before filling. It gets just over 20 miles per gallon, with fornt engine only and around 12 when running both. If just the rear is used (only if front breaks down) it gets around 15-16 mpg. This gives the Lone Wolf a range of over 1600 miles on a fill up of regular and slightly more on high octane juice when using front engine only and both for only short battles and escapes. The rear axle is out of a one ton Ford truck and has duel 16 inch wheels, the front end has a 4X4 (possibly Bronco or custom) axle with custom 16" van wheels. The same tyres are used all around cus this must be done on 4X4 and it is better when one must be switched. The rear rims are all the same but the front two only match each other. The 4 wheel low gear is for severe off road sand and mud traction and dune climbing when necessary. The engines each have seperate twin ignition switch's, with a safety covered on/off switch and a twist button starter switch. The shifter lever on the stearing column has been shortened and has a custom knob on the end (small stainless steel skull or eightball or something), and it has a GT racing type smaller steering wheel.

The tyres on the Lone Wolf are the same in MM2 and MM3 so I can only assume that they have the same set on them still. I figure that someone would never find an entire set of matching new tyres the same as those again in the wasteland so the vehicle must have only been used only a year or 2 after MM2 then retired quite a few years until some one picked it up and converted it to methane in Bartertown. The Bartertown car owners may have ventured out and found it or maybe far away someone ran into some old gas that still would work and filled it up and made it to Bartertown. Or maybe it's owner made it to Bartertown before the juice ran out then converted it. On a side note i figure the lone Wolf's tanks probably hold about 120- 150 litres on each side plus Max could probably strap a gas can to each side pretty firmly and maybe hide one or two more behind the seat in the Passenger/cargo area. I figure with the turbocharged front motor and the supercharged rear motor and some great engine work and special carbs it probably gets 20 Miles to the US gallon (4litres) on one motor and with both running it probably only gets 10 or 12 MPG. So say that the tanks hold 280 litres and 2 full cans thats 320L it would go a over 1600 miles on a full tank and 2 army cans of juice. Thats not bad if ya can scrounge here and there and maybe trade or do a job for a fill up every once and a while.

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