The nuclear war came JUST before RW, when people stared running for their lives across the far-out wasteland. The winter happened after RW. The winter caused the desertification in the southern plains by killing most plant life in a "dry" freeze (very low temperatures combined with no precipitation due to changing weather patterns). When he plants died, no moisture can be held in the enviroment, so the deep desert moved to the southern coast. But it was just in the south. You see, in the north, it s generaly warmer, so the nuclear winter caused only mildly cool temperatures which made nature temperarily dormant but not dead. Also, the rains continued in the north as usual, and sometimes even more. When the winter ended, the rains returned in the south for awhile, but the deserts couldn't hold the water, so it either evaporated or became groundwater. The north got more lusher, the coastal grasslands and woods became jungles very quickly. As for Broken Hill, I can assume that it was in a normal drought in the summer. Nothing truly unusual for Australia! If anything, the winter came during the summer causing temps to go from very high to very low while keeping the dryness, making the desertification worse!
The "line" or general area where this north-south difference can be seen (and changes dramaticly as Jed flies north) is in the area around Brisbane or Gold Coast or southernmost Queensland.

During the nuclear war (which took place after the first Mad Max movie), the large Australian cities were blasted by small neutron bombs launched by China in the global petroleum war. The bombs caused only moderate damage, tearing out bridges, colapsing wooden houses and busting windows but left the concrete buildings standing (mostly). The nuclear winter that followed from the fallout from bigger H-bomb blasts in America, Russia, the Middle East and China took place after MM2. In Australia, this desertified the whole southern coastal regions, basicly extending the outback desert past the mountains and into Sydney and Melbourne. This is what we saw in MM3 when Jedediah flew over the mountains and into the city...or whats left of it.

The fallout takes awhile to come down. Especially when it was blasted from thousands of miles away. Heavier fallout, which fall quicker, comes from closer explosions, and the ones that took place in Australia were 5 in sydney, 4 in Melbourne and 1 in Perth, and they were only small neutron bombs that exterminated the people in those cities but left the big buildings standing. However hey produced little fallout themselves. A bigger H-bomb, like those that rocked America China and Russia, would've outright flattened Sydney's skyline and everything for sixty miles, leaving nothing but a mile-wide crater right where the Opera House is today! And the immediate fallout from such a cataclysm would've covered all of the continent in 4-5 cm of fine, highly radioactive dust in days. And that dust alone would've forced everyone underground for not just the winter but for several years!


Jedediah is NOT like Mad Max. Mostly, he is the opposite, past and present. Max was a cop before the war. Jed was a flight school lackey who made money on the side spraying crops and making "deliveries" of hashish. Max had a Wife and kid before the war, but both were killed. Jed, before the war, was a single teen-ager with little ambition but a knack for getting in trouble over petty mischeif, like quietly steaing gas and showing a slacker attitude toward authority.

Makes sense. Before the bombs fell, Max was the sevant of the established order, and Jed was a laid-back subversive of it.

After the war, things changed for both. Max became a desolate, burned-out loner. Jedediah, however, continued to be outward and sociable, though somewhat more polite and responsible, so he can transport urban nuclear survivors in exchange for rare guzzline for his plane. Max scavenged parts in exchange for survival gear and fuel with little talk. Jed always talked, razzled, heckled and bargained with customers for his breif yet lucrative service.

Even after the apocalypse, Jed tried to be productive, for the "end times" gave him the freedom he needed to do what he wanted, while Max, who only knew how to serve the establishment, was somewhat "exiled" from his anger and disulusionment when that establishment failed him and his family, and eventially fell itself.

Max never wanted to love anybody again, wallowing in his soltude and sadness. Jed always wanted to meet people while there were still some living, and as a result he met, fell in love and (informally) wed a pretty beach girl from the southern coast of Australia who was trying to see her farmer parents in the still-populated south coastal rural regions. They had a son called Jr. of course. But during the year-long nuclear winter, she died of pneumonia. Although this was heart wrenching to Jed, he never let go of her in his heart. The memory of her life, her cute smile, giddiness and snazzy Aussie beach-lingo kept Jed bright and optimistic, even in the desolate aftermath of nuclear war. Max, however, only kept the pain of his wife and son's murder, and left all else behind, turning him into empty, suffering creature who can just survive and no more.

However, Jed and Max have a lot in common. They both seem to get into troubles, which leads to wild adventures. They both have evil and good merits. For when Jed moved to Bartertown, all the guzzline was gone, and the price of methane was pretty high. High enough to where he was forced to rob for a living. Unlike the mauraders in The Road Warrior, he never kills his quarry, only KO's them and take the goods by suprise. His plane makes this task easily possible. And since he KNOWS that most people trading with Bartertown are scummy to begin with, he figures "what the hell...better they die in the desert from thirst than in Thunderdome from a Chainsaw!"(too bad that didn't work when he robbed Max!). Max had to make a moral trade-off to survive in Bartertown too...he agreed to kill Blaster for Aunty in exchange for his goods. But even then, he refuses at the last minute when he sees the giant is retarded. Similarily, Jed makes up for his robbing of Max by agreeing to fly him out with the others.

Max, of course, is a brute warrior who is very ruthless and direct when he has to deal with trouble head on. Jed, however, is more sneaky and coniving when trouble eventually leads to him. He always tries to avoid fights with big, mean savages, while trying to find the easiest way to take them from behind. But they both try to use what's availavle to the best of it's advantages, whether Max stealing an Interceptor from the MFP, or Jed "borrowing" his plane from a corporate farm instalation just before the war!

In my story, Jed is a lot less like a silent desporado in a western, like Max, and more like a post-modern Don Qioxite. He is a man who still beleives, wants to find something and to eventualy settle down so Jr. woudn't end up like the Feral kid! But instead of finding his heart in fixed establishments, which are now all gone in a mushroom cloud, he goes out into the world, seeing it in a different light, and experiences it-good or bad. That's why he decides to leave the kids in Sydney's ruins and head north, away from the garbage of Bartertown and the surounding deserts of what was once lush wheat fields, and to where all the REAL action is. Where he finds the para-military remnants of the "old order" fighting against the bizzare yet optimistic seedlings of the "new" order for the future of mankind...

...And, if anything else, a cute, giddy beach-girl as a new wife, like the one before!


Part 1

In MM3 BT, they used pig mannure in Bartertown to make methane for engines, which is a good enough fuel for that purpose. Especially for a "stationary" generator converted from a small diesel-electric railroad car mover(which suddedly became pretty mobile when Pigkiller took the throttle - a reminder to take off the wheels and securely mount the generator before you power your "town" with stolen mining equiptment!). But as for vehicles supposed to be mobile, like Aunty's scrap-built mechanised force, methane would not be very convenient as far as carrying the gas. I would asume that the cylyndrical tubes on the sides of Aunty's vehicle are pressurized tanks holding the methane. If that was the case, then Auty's car, or any of her army's vehicles, would not have gone far.

Methane cannot be easily pressure-liquefied like propane or butane unless the tank has a cryogenic freezer device, which most certainly can't be kept on a rough little dune buggy. So it would be just pressurized gas kept at normal, or in the case of the desert, HOT tempratures. The tanks in question seem to be 5 or 6 cu ft in size each, and would hold no more than 2000 psi, and normally, for weight and safety reasons, a thinner tank holding perhaps 1000 psi. That means they would hold maybe 400 to 600 cu ft of methane each. And with the engine being 200 to 300 hps or so, and a typical guzzline auto engine conversion to methane using 15 to 20 cu ft for every hp per hour, then that means that in at high speeds(like that chase) the vehicle would only run for less than 10 minutes at worst, or just over 20 minutes at best!

If the first is the case, then the chase should've been over miles back. If the second is the case, then Aunty would've run out of pig gas on the way back! She would probably send Ironbar, all sooty and beaten up after being dragged out of his wreck, to go back to Bartertown and lug back a 200 pound tank of biogas or something.

The age after guzzline bites. Pig poop. Limmited range. Bulky, hard to fill preasure tanks. Let's hope that someone in the post-apocalypse outback had swiped some of that pigfeed, fermented it and distilled some ethyl. Its liquid like guzzline, and though not as powerful as methane, it can be carried without trouble. And if you can't use it for your car, then you can always get saused! But then again, when people go around Bartertown selling radioactive water and kids spinning records on a stick, then the only thing that is bright out in that wasteland is the sun.

Part 2

Bartertown in MM3 runs on biogas, which is gas (methane) made from a biological process of rotting manure. If bartertown is powered by a 300 hp diesel-electric railcar mover from the abandoned mine that once used it(and where Underworld is now located), then it would require 90,000 to 120,000 cu ft of methane to power it a day.

In manure digesters that make the gas (those tanks that the slaves shovel the pig shit into), a cubic foot of methane can be given off by a gallon of 1 to 1 mixture of manure and water day, every day for about 2 months. So it would require tanks holding at least 100,000 gallons of this stuff altogether at any given time. On a fifty day feed cycle (where the stuff going in would replenish the old stuff coming out over fifty day period) it would need 2000 gallons of manure/water mixture a day. That would be 1000 gallons of water and 6000 pounds of manure (6 lbs to a gallon) which can be provided by 4000 pigs of the size featured in the movie.

Of all, this is, simply put, a LOT of pigs, and a HUGE amount of shit! And all just to power a 300 hp generator! By going over the formula, you can increase the pigs and shit accordingly to add more gas for Aunty's vehicles and a little for export. Quite literaly, Master-Blaster was in the professional shit business!

But this is not the most efficient way to make "alternative" fuel. There is also a process called Pyrolysis, where the woody stalks of plants are heated in a enclosed kiln, like a coke oven for coal, where the tars, oils and distilates are given off and condensed into their repective components in a device much like an oil refinery distilation tower (though, on a smaller level, big gin stills intercontected to each other would also work just as well). The best stuff for such a process is the seeds and "hurd" from hemp, followed by corn stalks and the wood shavings from euculiptus trees. The "hurd" is actually the woody leftovers from the seperation of the valuable fiber from hemp stalks.

From this process, six things are produced: charcoal tars, oils, solvents, methanol and methane. The charcoal, which makes up 40 percent of the product, can be used in place of coal to power steam-electric generators - replacing the railcar mover in Bartertown with a steam boiler from an old building and a turbojet intake as a turbine and the alternater from the car mover as a generator - presto!

The tars, which make up less than 10% of the product, are further seperated into heavy tar and tannin, the first being treated chemicaly with sulphur to make rubber! And the last to preserve wood and make leather.

The oils, which ake up 15% of the product, are also seperated into heavy non-volatile oil, which can replace motor oil to lubricate engines, and volatile light oil to be used in lamps, burners and even, with a few additives, be used as diesel fuel for trucks, smaller "back-up" generators and water pumps (for irigation in the desert)!

The solvents (less than 5% of product) are mostly acetic acid and acetone which have valuable chemical uses. Then, of course, there is methanol, (20% to 25% of product) which is just as eficient (pound for pound) but slightly less powerful than methane, yet is a portable fuel (like guzzline) and can be used in guzzline-designed engines (like Aunty's dune buggies).

Finally, there is methane (5% of product) that can be used to fire the kiln to produce more fuel! In all, this system is far more productive and efficient than making just methane from pigshit!

Unfortunatly, their is too little water in the desert of MM3 to grow the large amount of stalk-plants to make these fuels, and all trees are dead, including the once ubiquous euculyptus trees. Only a small amount of grain is brought in to feed the pigs from irrigated wheat and millet farms that can only handle those less water-demanding crops that produce only straw (which is very poor for pyrolytic fuel). I mentioned earlier that the grain can be fermented and stilled to produce ethanol (grain alcohol), but that process, as I found out, is very inefficient, making only 10% of fuel from feedstock by wieght.

But if a system of trade is established with hemp growers in the wetter north for whatever goods that Bartertown can offer (most likely scrap metal!), then Underworld can finally ditch the dirty pigs and replace the manure bins with distillation tanks, a kiln, and a steam generator. Slaves will still be needed to shuffle around charcoal and hemp-stalks, and their job would be ten times harder for the heat in that place would be unbeleivable (making the outside desert of Barteretown seem like a cool forest glen!)

Oh, and by the way, before I start sounding like a wierd science teacher promoting mariauana legalization, I will remind that hemp and mariauana are two entirely different plants, even though they are related. Sure, smoking hemp CAN get you high - if only you can smoke a whole field at once!

But then again, this little issue wouldn't bother the inhabitants of Bartertown...getting high on hashish might actually IMPROVE their behaviour, heh heh!


Better yet, why not add some brand new characters and see how they can take on the originals. Here's some of my creations:

Crimson Fred -
Role: Leader of the Legion Red, a para-military expeditionary force in northern post-apocolyptic Australia.
Description: He is tall, wears a big cloak and wide brimed, calvaler style hat that is made of thousands of snakeskins, all over a black miltary-officer style suit. He has a deep, smooth vioce and has a very mean, Satan-like face and his whole head is tatooed red. He has no hair...not even eyebrows and eyelashes!
Weapons: A katana samuri sword and several daggers.
Motto: "I love it when my enemies get angry at me...it reminds me, after I've...dealt with them, that the pile of meat before me had once been...amusing!"

Metal Witch -
Role: Queen/priestess of a large band of nomadic scrap gatherers in the wasteland deserts in central and southern post-apocalyptic Australia.
Description: Very tall for a woman with a graceful yet powerful body. Wears a girdle, forarm guards, neck guard and shinguards made of black leather in a insect-scale patern, and stainless steel breastplate and flaired stainless steel shoulder pads. Underneath is a white gown. Her black hair is shoulder length in hundreds of tiny braids, ancient Egyption style and a shiny metal tiara. She has a beautiful face with dark eyebrows and a calm yet spacy look. Has a smooth, deep vioce and talks like she's "out there".
Weapons: Big black leather whip with tiny flails at the end, and two tiny throw-knives in scabards tied to the metal band of her tiara behind her head.
Motto: "III aaam the Metal Witch....I know everrrrrything....down to the scream of steel bending...it calls my soulllll....."

Janga -
Role: Metal Witch's Bodyguard.
Description: A gigantic half-wild wrestler/pit fighter from Sumatra. Wears chain-mail shinguard-boots and solid iron wristbands. Pro-Wrestler type shorts made of black leather and straps over the shoulders with shiny metal spikes. Bald head covered with Chinese tatoos going down his neck and all over his huge arms. has a Chinese style beard and mustash and sharp, animal like teeth. Talks little but growls and hisses.
Weapons: Two huge maces and a giant simitar sword.

Triclops -
Role: Crimson Fred's assistant and scout.
Description: Tall yet lankey build. Wears green army-style fatigues with brown leather shoulderpads, straps, shinguards ect. Has three eyes...Left one is normal but the right eye socket is streched, holding two smaller eyeballs side-by-side. Whole face is "bent" to the left, with a very slung jaw. Head is bald except for a red colored ponytail from the back of his head. Has two giant fingers on left hand instead of four normal sized ones. Talks with a raspy, hoarse vioce and drools a lot. Has a yellow radiation symbol tatooed on his forehead.
Weapons: A large sling that throws super-sharpened sawblades, and tosses little flails.
Motto: "I's gots me eyeees on ya...and even one ta' spare on yeewww too!"

General Zaar -
Role: Leader of largest, most powerful and most brutal para-military group in northern post-apocolypse Australia, known as the "Golden Land Militia".
Description: Medium height and build. Has white hair and a guant, smoothly shaven face. Wears black military officer uniform with black leather pads. Talks with a whispery vioce in a smooth yet sarcastic tone. This guy looks and sounds a lot like Christopher Walken with a psycho atitude.
Weapons: Uses some weird slicing and stabbing knives, and a strangling cord.
Motto: "I covet your land, your sea, your homes and your fuel...I covet it, for you do not exist. You're nothing...which is good!"

Bracket -
Role: MFP officer protecting the "Freemen" farms and communities and tribes of northern Post-apocolyptic Australia from the Para-militaries from their "Slavelands" and scavenger-mauraders from the wastelands.
Description: Has a black leather uniform with shoulderpads, shinguards, ect. Standard MFP uniform. He is a very young man, has brown hair and blue eyes and has a rugby-jock appearance.
Weapons: Very big Numbchucks with spiked ends, along with a boot knife.
Motto: "Go ta hell scavs! It's nicer there!"


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